5 reasons why we love WP Curve – customer review from BabyBliss

This is a guest post from our clients Jo and Cressida from BabyBliss. This is an unsolicited guest post about their experience with our 24/7 WordPress support service, so we wanted to share it with you. Take it away, Jo!

We run a sleep and settling service for babies called BabyBliss.

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Do not talk to us.

You will find us rocking in a corner asking for wine.

In the last six months, we overhauled our website to make it more modern and user friendly (and soon we’re going to have an exciting new product but hush now, this isn’t about us; this is about why we love WP Curve). When we started we didn’t know a theme from a widget but as we’ve progressed, we’ve developed a fairly decent understanding about how we can improve things that make a difference to our site visitors.

But by gosh, there have been some bumps along the way. Below are just five of the many problems that WP Curve has solved for us have made a heck of a difference. Our responses are genuinely taken from emails we wrote to each other.

Problem #1 – Member Mouse went to war with our tables

We are blown away by the sheer number and diversity for plugins. Want to have a fancy form? There’s a plugin for that. Want to send a follow up email? There’s a plugin for that. Hate your 404 page? Yep, there’s a plugin for that. But have you ever found the most rad plugin ever, only to activate it and find some totally weird code on your site? Or worse still, one of your other plugins goes to war with it and they both won’t work properly?

Here’s an example. We installed Member Mouse and for no apparent reason, our tables went from nice normal boxes to weird darker boxes:

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 11.19.44 am

How we responded: Whaaaa? Am I going crazy or does that box look weird? Why is this happening to us? Do we have to get rid of Member Mouse? But we just installed it! Should we just learn to live with weird darker tab boxes? Where is the whiskey?

What we did: Sent a screen shot to WP Curve with the problem.

What happened: WP Curve fixed it.

Time taken to fix: 2 hours 42 minutes.

Our response: Wow.

Problem #2 – Centering our products in WooCommerce

OK, so WooCommerce has these nifty little shortcodes that enable you to put a product on a page that isn’t even in your shop. I know, right? You can totally tell someone about your awesome product that relates to your gripping blog that you’re writing about the same subject. So helpful.

But there’s a catch. The shortcodes are clunky and seem to require a PhD in computer engineering to use. So we put one in and we’re feeling really cocky that we’ve managed to make it work until we realise it’s off centre and looks completely blergh!


How we responded: Damn you, WooCommerce. Damn, you to hell. Why are you so annoying? Why didn’t I study computers at University then I wouldn’t be facing this cliff of despair.

What we did: sent a screen shot to WP Curve with the problem.

What happened: WP Curve fixed it.

Time taken to fix: 6 hours 33 minutes.

Our response: OMG. I love these guys.

Problem #3 – When Gravity Forms got its nose out of joint

We like Gravity Forms because it’s so adaptable and has all sorts of pretty features and integrations. Then one day it wouldn’t work for seemingly no reason.

How we responded: We’re just about to send people to the page with the Gravity Form and now it won’t work? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeee?

What we did: sent an email to WP Curve with the problem.

What happened: WP Curve fixed it.

Time taken to fix: 2 hours 6 minutes.

Our response: They are amazing. How can they do all this stuff for only $69????

I know this sounds like an infomercial but it was literally the response we emailed each other.

Problem #4 – Change our buttons to green

There are so many themes out there. We started looking by googling “best WordPress themes for business 2014” and we decided on Jupiter. We like Jupiter because it’s easy to customise and we like the look of it but if you’re looking, our advice to you is:

(a) get one that is easy to use – drag and drop editors are soooo much easier;

(b) get one that has a good help desk;

(c) get one you like the look of.

But even the best theme won’t let you customise everything. We decided one day that we desperately wanted the buttons on one particular page to be green. We needed this. We’re all about optimisation (or something) and it had to be green! But after fooling around with a bunch of different ideas and googling the heck out of “change button colour” we admitted defeat.

add to cartHow we responded: Why can’t things just be simple? Why are we stressing about these buttons? Stupid button. Who even cares about buttons? *huffing*

What we did: sent a screen shot to WP Curve with the problem.

What happened: WP Curve fixed it.

Time taken to fix: 1 hour 22 minutes.

Our response: They really are a bit special.

Problem #5 – ‘wpcron’ showed as uninvited on all our URLs

When we installed an SEO Redirection plugin (which is a neat little plugin that allows you redirect broken links to anything you want) it suddenly started adding “?doing_wp_cron=1402042948.0641810894012451171875″ or various other numbers at the end of EVERY DAMN URL ON OUR SITE.

How we responded: This is not great. It’s going to affect all our Analytics and list every single page as a different page. Woe.

What we did: sent an email to WP Curve with the problem.

What happened: WP Curve fixed it.

Time taken to fix: 1 day 7 hours 14 minutes (but this was largely because the solution involved getting our host to change a setting so WP Curve had to wait for that to happen).

Our response: And they have done it again! 


These are just some of the reasons we love WP Curve.

Without them, we would be seriously stressed and drinking a lot more wine. So if you’re thinking about taking the plunge – don’t hesitate. You will wonder what you did without them!

PS – We don’t know Dan and Alex personally. At all. Honestly, we are just genuine, very satisfied customers.


Jo Ryan is the founder and director of BabyBliss.

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