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Startup Chat #58 – Outsourcing and book marketing with Chris Ducker

This week we chat with Chris Ducker about his new book Virtual Freedom and managing virtual staff.

Startup Chat #57 – The Lean Startup in practice

In this episode we play through Alex’s recent presentation on The Lean Startup at the Hult International Business School Co Creation Lab.

Startup Chat #56 – Content Marketing with Aaron Agius from Louder Online

This week we jump on the call with the author of Neil Patel’s latest epic marketing guide. Aaron Agius discusses content marketing strategy and provides some actionable tips for people getting started.

Podcast #55 – Enter the Hoehnzone – book marketing with Charlie Hoehn

Today we chatted with Tim Ferriss’ first full time employee Charlie Hoehn. Charlie has recently written his own book about curing anxiety, called Play it Away.

Podcast #54 – Zapier makes you happier with Wade Foster

This week we chatted with Wade Foster from Zapier. We discussed content marketing, idea validation, building a team and a lot more.