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Startup Chat #63 – Dominating Udemy with Joel Widmer

Today on Startup Chat we chat with Joel Widmer about how to create and sell profitable courses on Udemy.

Joel has created 2 successful courses and has some great insights on the creation aspect as well as some tips to get more people onto the course.

Startup Chat #62 – Nikhil Arora from Back To The Roots

This week we chat with Nikhil Arora who started a products business in his last semester of uni.

We chat to him about validation, work life balance, raising $250k on Kickstarter and creating amazing products.

Startup Chat #61 – Business growth with Noah Kagan from App Sumo

This week we chat with Noah Kagan about content marketing, startup growth and how to win his undies.

Startup Chat #60 – Matt from Assembly

This week we chat with Matt from Assembly about how he’s changing the way software products are built.

Startup Chat #59 – Growth Hacking with Sean Ellis

This week we chat with “Mr Growth” Sean Ellis. Sean has helped growth hack a variety of companies that you have heard of… and some you haven’t – the list includes Dropbox, Lookout, Xobni, Grockit, Eventbrite, Webs, World Golf Tour and Songkick.