Podcast 3 – The five biggest mistakes in business (and how not to be a loser)

This week I chat with Brendon Sinclair from Tailored Web Consulting about the 5 biggest mistakes in business. Brendon is an experienced web / marketing guru having run his own business Tailored Consulting for many years. He is also a public speaker, author and one of my mentors so I was stoked to have him on […]

Podcast 2 – Scamworld, are all internet marketers scammers?

This week I chat with online marketing expert and entrepreneur Damian Thompson (@damianthompson) about the verge article Scamworld and the Internet Marketing scene in general. or Download the file or visit iTunes.

Podcast 1 – What’s going on in search with Jamie Marsden

This week I chat to SEO veteran Jaime Marsden about panda’s, penguins and generally what’s going on in search. or Download the file or visit iTunes.