Startup Chat #65 – Freedom, travel and entrepreneurship with Natalie Sisson

natalie_sissonCOMPETITION: Win a free marketing guide for kickstarter, by telling us the coolest place in the world to work from. Comment below to enter, best answer wins.

This week we chat with Natalie Sisson the Suitcase Entrepreneur. Natalie travels the world working out of her suitcase and inspires other to do the same.

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Background and links

Book marketing / Kickstarter

  • Kickstarter campaign for the book
  • Build up a community around the book
  • Constantly engaging with Kickstarter backers asking them to share, asked for feedback on chapter titles etc.
  • Blogged about it, created podcasters about it
  • Reached out to influencers and friends
  • Video shot in the jungle
  • Only around 5% came originally through kickstarter, most of it came through Natalie’s efforts

 Getting around travel / business issues

  • Booking appointments on Monday / Tuesday
  • Being more organized
  • Testing internet connections before things are scheduled
  • Having a 3G modem and tethering her phone
  • Does a lot of her best work offline – thinking  / blogging etc
  • GMail Offline for creating offline emails and sending them later

Freedom Framework

  • 3 year game plan
  • Create a body of work that is lasting
  • Big international study on different levels of freedom and what it means
  • Will have a bunch of content around it, book etc
  • Looking at best practice around frameworking such as Roger Hamilton (Wealth Dynamics) Sally Hogshead (How to Fascinate)

Revenue streams

  • Coaching
  • Recurring membership
  • In person workshops
  • Retreats
  • Suitcase Entrepreneur book
  • Paid speaking gigs
  • Digital products and programs
  • Affiliate revenue
  • Sponsorships

Most profitable is the High Flyer Club, then retreats then affiliates and sponsors.

Best books / podcasts

Favorite places

  • Spain
  • Brazil
  • Laos
  • Europe
  • Southeast Asia
  • For entrepreneurs Colombia, Chang Mai, Saigon, Singapore / Hong Kong, New York, San Francisco , LA, Poland, Berlin, Turkey.

Tips for getting press


Dan Norris is a co-founder at WP Curve and a passionate entrepreneur with an obsession for content marketing.

37 responses to “Startup Chat #65 – Freedom, travel and entrepreneurship with Natalie Sisson”

  1. Siem Reap in Cambodia is great if you’re on a budget and want to see some amazing temples on your days off.

  2. Dan Norris says:

    I’m going to throw in a vote for my garage. Cause it’s 300m from this.

  3. Bill Gluth says:

    Laguna Beach CA is a nice to work…

  4. Dan Norris says:

    Nice. Might have to lock in a visit when I’m over there.

  5. Daniel Davis says:

    The coolest place to work would be up there looking down, feeling both free yet still connected (and let’s face it, slightly smug!). Ah, one day…

  6. Dan Norris says:

    How much is the rent on the co-working space? On that topic I’d like to open a web host on Mars #redundancy

  7. Daniel Davis says:

    So you’re on a budget, huh? In that case I’d nominate my local shared office space in Kamakura, Japan.

  8. Peter Oprsal says:

    My office changes daily, but I love working from places such as Whistler…

  9. I love Laguna, but actually Manhattan Beach is my fave. Great shot Bill

  10. I thought Whistler was just for playing man? I’ll be there late July to support my friend in his Ironman quest

  11. Daniel this looks awesome I’m coming to Kamakura for an archery festival on Sunday, we should meetup

  12. Whaaattt – that’s one heck of a garage

  13. Peter Oprsal says:

    It’s a great place to be; playing or working.


  14. Best place to work is where your colleagues are hard workers and funny as hell, your clients are all trying to good in the world,… and being in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins Colorado (close to Friday afternoon beers, music, bikes, & art) doesn’t hurt.

  15. Dan Norris says:

    Sounds cool. I miss Friday arvo beers.

  16. Daniel Davis says:

    Afraid I’m not around on Sunday but it was a nice coincidence meeting you last night. Also, if you’re interested, here’s the location of this office space: – and enjoy the rest of your time in Japan!

  17. GettingLostAU says:

    The best place to work for me is right where I am … Currently in sight of Uluru, central Australia. Next week it will most likely be by a waterhole in the West Macdonnell Ranges … after that? Some other awesome spot in Australia as we take the kids on our Adventure to see our great country!

  18. Casey Stevens says:

    I currently work from my home in Tasmania but am planning to be working in Paris over Christmas having coffee and cwasoin’

    I miss Friday arvo drinks with people too

  19. Melissa Orr says:

    I really enjoyed the interview and information shared by Natalie :). Your summaries below the video are also very helpful, I really appreciate the notes and links.

    It’s so great to see people from Australia and NZ having success online, it’s inspiring. It’s especially great to hear how much Natalie gets to travel. I have been thinking and talking about being a “digital nomad” for a few years but my discipline and focus is a little lacking! I enjoy life already so it’s hard to knuckle down and make it even better.

    As for coolest places to work, anywhere that I feel free and focused are my favourite places to work from. These are generally quieter towns/places where I don’t know anyone and I feel really able to zone in and focus but also zone out and relax. Adelaide and Queenstown are my faves. Queenstown obviously being the “coolest” ;). I like the crisp air.

  20. Dan Norris says:

    Thanks Melissa. Both great spots

  21. Hey Melissa focus is so damn key but one of the hardest things to master initially, especially when there are so many bright shiny objects to get distracted by. And I’ve not yet worked from Queenstown as the last time I was there I didn’t have my business, but that would be pretty primo. From the top of the Gondola viewing platform….

  22. Dan Norris says:

    ‘Primo’ is neck and neck with ‘choice’ for the most Kiwi word ever

  23. Dan Norris says:

    HI Daniel Natalie has chosen you as the winner. Can you email me your contact details and I’ll get her to send the guide through.

  24. Dan Norris says:

    Hey guys just letting you know Natalie has chosen Daniel Davis as the winner. You can see his comment below.

    Thanks to everyone who replied here.

  25. RC says:

    Can’t hold a candle to “yeah nah!”

  26. Daniel Davis says:

    Hi Dan. That’s great news! Thank you and Natalie so much. I’ll send you a mail and look forward to reading the guide and following Natalie’s travels further.

  27. Dan Norris says:

    Yeah nah you’re right.

  28. Dan Norris says:

    Awesome best of luck with your project mate.

  29. Melissa Orr says:

    Haha yess! Exactly where I worked from! Nah I’m kidding, I worked at night in the reception of my backpacker hostel so I could bruise and bash my body during the day learning to snowboard. Great times 🙂

    Thanks a lot for your interview and I’ll just add that I’m so impressed with your successes and your focus :). I’ll keep sticking at it, those shiny objects are ever so shiny though. All the best for the rest of Japan if you’re still there! x

  30. Great podcast, guys! Special thanks to Natalie. I enjoyed most of the podcast and that totally resonates with me because I quit my day job like a month ago and wanna do something similar just like Natalie. So you can easily see why the topic of the podcast was exceptionally interesting to me. Also, I totally agree that many people still have this mindset that you need to be in an office from 9 to 5 to do real work. Actually, I disagreed so much with my previous boss that I had to quick the job altogether. Well, it was one of my major reasons but still. Again, thank you for the epic stuff and keep up the greet work, guys!

  31. Dan Norris says:

    Thanks Vitaliy glad you liked it, Natalie was a great guest.

  32. Tod Turner says:

    When I am not at home, I work back and forth between a log cabin I have in the mountains in Mt. Rainier National Park , or from my sailboat up in the San Juan Islands in the US and Canada. Depends on the weather.

  33. Tod Turner says:

    Excellent podcast. Natalie clearly has it figured out. Thank you.

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