Startup Chat #65 – Freedom, travel and entrepreneurship with Natalie Sisson

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natalie_sissonCOMPETITION: Win a free marketing guide for kickstarter, by telling us the coolest place in the world to work from. Comment below to enter, best answer wins.

This week we chat with Natalie Sisson the Suitcase Entrepreneur. Natalie travels the world working out of her suitcase and inspires other to do the same.

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Background and links

Book marketing / Kickstarter

  • Kickstarter campaign for the book
  • Build up a community around the book
  • Constantly engaging with Kickstarter backers asking them to share, asked for feedback on chapter titles etc.
  • Blogged about it, created podcasters about it
  • Reached out to influencers and friends
  • Video shot in the jungle
  • Only around 5% came originally through kickstarter, most of it came through Natalie’s efforts

 Getting around travel / business issues

  • Booking appointments on Monday / Tuesday
  • Being more organized
  • Testing internet connections before things are scheduled
  • Having a 3G modem and tethering her phone
  • Does a lot of her best work offline – thinking  / blogging etc
  • GMail Offline for creating offline emails and sending them later

Freedom Framework

  • 3 year game plan
  • Create a body of work that is lasting
  • Big international study on different levels of freedom and what it means
  • Will have a bunch of content around it, book etc
  • Looking at best practice around frameworking such as Roger Hamilton (Wealth Dynamics) Sally Hogshead (How to Fascinate)

Revenue streams

  • Coaching
  • Recurring membership
  • In person workshops
  • Retreats
  • Suitcase Entrepreneur book
  • Paid speaking gigs
  • Digital products and programs
  • Affiliate revenue
  • Sponsorships

Most profitable is the High Flyer Club, then retreats then affiliates and sponsors.

Best books / podcasts

Favorite places

  • Spain
  • Brazil
  • Laos
  • Europe
  • Southeast Asia
  • For entrepreneurs Colombia, Chang Mai, Saigon, Singapore / Hong Kong, New York, San Francisco , LA, Poland, Berlin, Turkey.

Tips for getting press


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