17 Slack integrations to spice up your team communication

Using Slack for team communication has dramatically improved the speed and efficiency of our team. Slack has saved us thousands of dollars by enabling our team to communicate without the need for email. It is hard to do it justice in a blog post; Slack is something you need to try and experience to really grasp its potential.

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In this post, we’ll share tips on how to integrate Slack with 17 other web apps that will change how you view team communication forever.

What is Slack?

Slack is a team communication tool that allows for synchronous communication on different devices. The app seems simple at first, but there are powerful features that make this the fastest growing app ever.

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Slack is not just a simple chat room. It is a communications hub that simplifies the day-to-day work of modern teams. The big pain point that Slack addresses is the need to jump between dozens of app notifications and email in order to keep up to date on your business.

Slack simplifies this by creating a platform that allows one team to communicate on multiple channels and removing the need for most email communication. Better yet, Slack has a massive list of integrations that post updates in your Slack channels. Integrating the apps you are already using means you only need to go to one place to get all the critical information to run your business. Some integrations allow you to interact directly with your apps from Slack using slash commands.

Slack already naturally anticipates daily communication and puts it into context for you. If you paste a link, it will expand it with some information. You can play videos right from the chat room. If an image is posted, you get a thumbnail to work with. You can even share things like Spotify playlists.

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Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts let you communicate with your team or customers with video conferencing, voice calls, or chat.

Integrating Slack with Google Hangouts allows you to start a hangout with members of a specific channel or private group. Sometimes communicating over video is faster and more effective than chat. Having the ability to quickly create and jump into a hangout can accelerate conversations for teams.

Hangouts can be created directly from the channel by using the slash command /hangout. The hangout will have a Slack control panel that will allow you to invite other team members to your hangout.

People have been using these tools for cross team collaboration as well. Groups of journalists from different newsrooms have reported using Slack channels and hangouts to discuss and collaborate on social media, analytics, site design, and other challenges related to the industry. It provides a more intimate setting than a Facebook group, while being more flexible and scalable than a phone call.

This idea can easily be applied to many different industries. Marketers, students, writers, and countless other professions could have Slack teams set up to collaborate and share ideas. This is an excellent combination to support masterminds.

Here’s a guide to setup Google Hangouts on Slack


Twitter is a social network and micro blogging service that focuses on users posting short 140-character messages.

Integrating Slack and Twitter posts tweets that are sent to or from specific Twitter accounts to a channel. This is great for keeping on top of your social media marketing or quickly responding to customers who communicate with you on Twitter.

This integration has been very helpful. We send tweets to our WP Curve Daily channel, where our management team and developers are communicating. If any customers reach out to us, we are instantly alerted and can respond quickly.

Here’s a guide to integrate Slack and Twitter

Git Hub


Image source

GitHub is a library of source codes for Git projects. This allows you to collaborate, review, and use code for open source and private projects.

Integrating GitHub will post updates to a Slack channel for:

  • Commits
  • Pull requests
  • Issues

Here’s a guide to set up a GitHub Integration with Slack

Here’s a separate guide for GitHub Enterprise



Image Source

HuBot is a scriptable chat robot that you can integrate with your Slack account and use for just about anything. You can set it up to poll the team at certain times if they want coffee or what they want for lunch. The guys at Sitepoint have some very creative ways to use HuBot.

We use this chat bot to send special alerts to our team when VIP customers submit a ticket.

Here’s a guide to setup HuBot with Slack


MailChimp is an online platform for email marketing.

Integrating MailChimp and Slack will allow you to receive updates when people subscribe and unsubscribe from your list and see the sent status of a campaign. After authenticating your MailChimp account, you’ll be able to pick and choose which lists and notifications to monitor.

The integration with Slack currently supports the following MailChimp events:

  • Subscribes
  • Unsubscribes
  • Campaign sending status

Here’s a guide to integrate MailChimp and Slack



Trello is a collaborative project management tool that uses lists and cards to organize tasks within a project. It works great for personal organization or for teams.

Integrating Slack with Trello will send updates to a channel when there’s activity on Trello cards. Trello is the second most popular integration to Slack, so people are finding a great deal of value in this one.

You can customize this for different channels to post activity only relevant to the specific channel.

It can be difficult to keep track of all the changes on individual cards when you are working with a large team with several boards and hundreds of cards shuffling around. This integration in Slack help keep you privy to the activity that’s relevant and current.

We would love to see some commands in Slack that would allow you to create a card from the Slack app. Trello can create cards via email, so we think it would work similar in Slack. Asana and similar tools allow for slash commands to create tasks and we imagine it would look similar to this.

Here’s a guide to integrate Slack with Trello

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Asana is a project management tool that combines tasks and conversations. It’s an email killer like Slack.

Integrating Slack with Asana will send updates to specific channels when a task is created, completed, or gets a new comment.

A great feature about this integration is that you can use the slash command /asana to list tasks, create new tasks, assign tasks to others, complete a task, and comment. All from the Slack app. This can be very helpful when deep in conversation and you just want to quickly create a task or reminder for a good idea later without breaking your conversation or workflow. Note that to use slash commands, each team member must authenticate their Asana account with Slack.

Having such tight integration on two tools that leverage conversation and communication is great. Asana makes it easy to search conversations and keep a record of them, which is good for firefighting or bug fixes. Slack is great for synchronous communication where responsiveness and speed are more important than organization.

Here’s a guide to integrate Slack and Asana



Image source

Blossom is a project management tool designed for software development teams. It is great for visualising the flow of project features.

Integrating Blossom with Slack will post notifications on project updates in a channel. This is an easy way to keep all of your updates and information flowing to one place instead of having your team jumping between apps to make sure they have not missed anything.

Here’s a guide for integrating Slack and Blossom

Google Drive

Google Drive lets you create, store, and collaborate on documents online. Multiple team members can work on documents simultaneously.

Integrating Google Drive with Slack makes file sharing seamless and easy. This is the most popular integration on Slack. Pasting the link to a Google Doc in your chatbox will make it available for anyone in the channel and give additional information on the link instead of just a blind URL. This is a big help when dealing with hundreds of links for blog content.

Having a central communication hub like Slack combined with the collaboration features on Google Docs makes for an excellent experience.

Here’s a guide to integrate Slack and Google Drive



Image source

Dropbox allows you to store and share files on the cloud.

Integrating Slack and Dropbox will allow team members to share files with links that anyone in the channel can access. They will be able to download their own copy or add the file to their own Dropbox, so multiple people can collaborate on and share files. Slack will look at the file attached on the link and create a preview, so you don’t just have a blind link with a bunch of numbers in the chat box.

This integration will import Dropbox files when a Dropbox URL is pasted in Slack.

Here’s a guide to integrate Dropbox and Slack



Image source

Groove is a customer support tool that allows for personal support of each customer. To the customer, it looks like email, but the support side has collaboration tools for team based support.

Integrating Slack and Groove will create notifications in a channel for:

  • A new ticket
  • Assigning tickets to a team member
  • Replies to a ticket
  • Notes on a ticket

Here’s a guide to integrate Groove and Slack

Help Scout

Help Scout is helpdesk for small businesses that is scalable and customizable.

Integrating Slack with Help Scout allows you to see notifications when:

  • A conversation is created
  • A conversation is updated
  • A team member or customer has replied
  • Conversations are closed or deleted

There are also links to the conversation and @ mentions of the person assigned, so your team members can get updates only when it is relevant to them.

Here’s how to set up mentions:

  1. Open the Slack App settings page: https://secure.helpscout.net/apps/slack/
  2. Enable the Events for Conversation Assigned, and usually Conversation Created by checking the appropriate checkboxes and then click save.
  3. Click the Mentions tab
  4. Enable Mentions by clicking the selector, select a person you’d like to be mentioned for new/unassigned conversations, and then make your Slack <=> Help Scout user map by selecting names from the dropdown for each of your users.

Slack Mentions

This is great for support teams because it brings the customer support conversations straight to the main communication hub. This makes for much faster response times and more transparent management of the support tickets.You can also set it so links to the ticket or conversation appear in the channel, which makes for faster responses.

Here’s a guide to setting up HelpScout in Slack


Intercom is an app that helps businesses track how users are interacting with their software. It can also engage users with targeted emails and in-app messages or request feedback when a user behaves in a certain way.

Integrating Slack and Intercom posts updates in a designated channel for the following notifications:

  • New messages from users
  • A teammate or user replies to a message
  • Notes are added to a conversation
  • Conversations are assigned
  • New users or companies are created

This integration is brilliant because it makes it easier to bring a human element back into your drip campaigns. With notifications coming right to your communications hub, you can pick up conversations on your drip campaigns quickly.

Here’s a guide to integrate Slack and Intercom


Desk is a an all-in-one customer support system that is designed to scale with the support team and allow for fast responses to customers.

Integrating Slack with Desk allows you to customize notifications for updates on customer support cases in relevant channels. There are many conditions that you can customize. One I really like is that you can customize notification according to the priority of the ticket. So managers can be updated on only high priority cases.

Here’s a guide to integrate Slack and Desk



Image Source

Zendesk is a web app to manage help desk tickets, issue tracking, and customer support.

Integrating Slack with Zendesk sends notifications to your team channels when a help ticket is updated to:

  • Opened
  • Pending
  • Solved
  • Closed

Here’s a guide to integrate Zendesk with Slack


Stripe is a payment processing system that enables small businesses to accept payments online.

Integrating Slack with Stripe will post customizable updates to a Slack channel for:

  • Charges
  • Invoice payments
  • Subscriptions
  • Transfers
  • And more

This is great for having your team quickly updated on new payments so they can follow up with customers and orders faster than ever without having to go to email.

Here’s a guide to integrate Stripe with Slack


Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect and automate web apps.

Think of Zapier as a bridge between Slack and countless other apps. It manages integrations without the need for any coding skills and makes it possible to automate repetitive tasks.

Zapier has hundreds of integrations for Slack that can have a dramatic impact on your workflow. Check out a list of ready to use templates here.


Hopefully you know this one…WordPress is a tool that allows you to create and manage a website or blog. It is highly customizable.

Integrating Slack with WordPress allows you to send notifications when a post is published or needs review. You can also set notifications for new comments on a blog post.

Here’s a guide on how to set up the Slack and WordPress integration

More Slack integrations to come!

There are countless other apps that you can integrate with Slack and they’re adding more every day.These integrations can streamline your team communication in ways that were almost impossible even a few years ago.

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Slack posts all of their new integration announcements on Twitter. Click the link below to follow their Twitter channel and stay up to date.

Which integrations are you using with Slack and why? Let us know in the comments!


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Kyle is the founder of Conversion Cake . He is the author of "The College Entrepreneur" A book for students who want to break into entrepreneurship. Follow him @kylethegray

78 responses to “17 Slack integrations to spice up your team communication”

  1. David Hay says:

    Great article Kyle, we here at Allthings (@allthings_io) are literally just pouring through hundreds of possible integrations, all made possible thanks to @Zapier and the integration work we have done. Some great ideas above about how we can integrate Slack and allthings.

  2. Harry Duran says:

    As usual, your posts require me to be at my desk, sitting in a relaxed chair, with a strong cup of coffee in order to truly appreciate the depth of content. I always learn something new guys, thanks for yet another informative post. I’m already a #slackjunkie and it’s always nice to be reminded of a couple of integrations I may have missed!

  3. The more time I spend digging into Slack, the more impressed I am. We have a small team that shares a space, so at first glance we thought it would just be a tool for sharing meme’s and joking around outside of the office. It didn’t take more than a week for it to become a critical piece of our team’s communication, and I wonder know how we ever lived without it! Looking forward to setting up some of these integrations (particularly MailChimp). Thanks for the good read!

  4. It sounds like Slack is great to merge together all the information from your different channels.

    What I am wondering though is how you can differentiate the important from the mundane. I like working in blocks: e.g. now I work on support, so I log into Groove and work through support tickets, then we have a team meeting around our next development sprint and we are working in Trello to have the latest overview of where things are at. When I want to write copy for a blog, I work in Google docs.

    How do I benefit from merging all this together? And how do you stop wasting everyone’s time when they have to keep up to date with ever card that is moved in Trello or tickets coming in or being closed in groove?

    There seems to be something I am not getting yet.

  5. Kyle Gray says:

    Hey Alexander, great question!

    What might be the best solution for you is to have slack channels that mirror the blocks you and your team work in. You can have a channel where your team discusses support, and the groove updates will go there.

    On a separate channel you can integrate Trello boards or lists relevant to the dev team, and focus your development conversation there.

    This way you can when you’re working in your blocks, you can just focus on the channel relevant to your current work. This prevents time from being wasted by cutting out distractions.

    Does that help?

  6. Kyle Gray says:

    Yeah! Once slack clicks with you, it changes everything. I think you’ll find that the same thing will happen when you start integrating things. You won’t need to check your inbox for updates from your work apps anymore and risk getting distracted by other emails.

  7. Kyle Gray says:

    haha! what a great visual. It’s good to hear you get so much enjoyment and value out of it.

    What integration is currently your favorite?

  8. Kyle Gray says:

    The options are overwhelming at first. It’s good to just add them in one at a time so you can troubleshoot and optimize each integration.

    I’m glad this was helpful! Let me know what integrations are the most beneficial for your team.

  9. Thanks Kyle,

    I guess then it is not that different from working in the different apps. If you move from block to block isn’t that the same as moving from one application to another?

    But maybe I have to listen to your first advice: “Slack is something you need to try and experience to really grasp its potential.”

    Or can you define more clearly how it saves you time in interpreting all the streams of data? How do you weed out the important from the irrelevant?

  10. Kyle Gray says:

    You’ll still need to work in all the different apps. But it gives you a central hub for communication. Think of it as a way to replace email as a way to communicate with your team and receive updates from your different work apps.

    As far as separating the important from the irrelevant. That’s just a matter of how you design your systems. But it is possible to get specific about what information gets sent. For example, you don’t need to have all of your updates from Groove feeding into your chat channel, maybe you only want new tickets to appear. That’s possible.

  11. Ah, so every team member can create their own stream of relevant information by picking and choosing from the available blocks. That makes sense.

  12. Kyle Gray says:

    It’s not so much focused on individual members. It’s more on teams, you can set up different channels (like chat rooms) dedicated to different operations.

    So if you have some people on your team dedicated to customer support, you can have a channel for them and send the Groove updates to that channel.

    The team members decidated to development can have a separate channel where they discuss development. You can send the updates from Trello to this channel.

    This way, nobody gets bogged down with irrelevant information.

  13. brianbrawdy says:

    Hey Kyle, can you redo the link to dropbox integration? TY!

  14. Kyle Gray says:

    Hey Brian, That should be fixed up, thanks for letting me know. Here’s the link: https://slack.com/services/new/dropbox

  15. SAAD says:

    you missed Notify .. check it out http://notify.ly 😉

  16. coloradical says:

    Thanks for a great post! Question about the Help Scout integration… you mention that you can set it up to use @ mentions so that team members only get notifications if it’s for them – we can’t seem to get this piece figured out. Do you have any additional information? Currently, having Help Scout set up in Slack has just created a lot of noise, as the whole team is getting every notification.

  17. Kyle Gray says:

    Good question!

    I looked into getting the mentions to work with Help Scout. Here the the instructions that gave me:

    Open the Slack App settings page: https://secure.helpscout.net/apps/slack/
    Enable the Events for Conversation Assigned, and usually Conversation Created by checking the appropriate checkboxes and then click save.
    Click the Mentions tab
    Enable Mentions by clicking the selector, select a person you’d like to be mentioned for new/unassigned conversations, and then make your Slack Help Scout user map by selecting names from the dropdown for each of your users. Click Save.

    It sounds like your problem is with channels though. I recommend having only one channel that gets only important notifications from help scout. This channel can be dedicated to customer support. That way it does not crowd out other conversations.

    We’re creating a post that should help with just this problem. It should be out within a week. But let me know if you have any other questions.

  18. Thanks for a great article, Kyle. We are barely scratching the surface in terms of maximizing the benefits with Slack. Groove, Trello and much more to come for us, including our own collaborative sales proposals app.

  19. Kyle Gray says:

    Hey Alexander, I just wanted to follow up and let you know that we published another article on Slack that may help with some of your questions here. Let me know what you think: http://wpcurve.com/slack-for-team-communication/

  20. Kyle Gray says:

    Hey I wanted to let you know we just published a new article on getting started with Slack. This might help clear up some of your questions: http://wpcurve.com/slack-for-team-communication/

  21. Kyle Gray says:

    Hey SengHee, thanks for the kind words. I’m glad it was helpful.

    We just published a follow up article to this one that may help you maximize your Slack channels. Let me know what you think:


  22. Hey Kyle, thanks for the headsup. I’ll definitely go check out your follow-up article. I’m sure I will learn lots from it.

  23. Ethan Frame says:

    just came across this company Pubo (http://pubo.co/) who are building more in-depth slack notifications and actions for the various integrations, trello and zendesk are among them.

    from their site: “Pubo helps you to take actions like closing a GitHub issue or commenting on a Trello card right from the Slack notifications themselves. Convert Slack messages into GitHub issues, Trello cards etc. Instantly.”

    we’ll see how it turns out! great article btw.

  24. Kyle Gray says:

    Thanks for sharing Ethan! Let us know what you think of the tool and how it helps your business after a few weeks of using it!

  25. Spencer Yang says:

    Great article Kyle, really like the github integrations. My team uses Slackdigest.com to summarise my teams conversations everyday. It helps non active members get involved too! This is particularly useful for larger channels.

  26. Kyle Gray says:

    That’s a great tool Spencer! Thanks for sharing. I know getting slow adopters on board can be a challenge so I can see how valuable this Slack Digest could be.

  27. Harry Duran says:

    Realized I didn’t answer you here. Digging the Mailchimp one right now…

  28. Ryan Brink says:

    Here is one that gives you Google Analytics alerts and daily summaries in Slack. Really handy for anybody handling SEM/SEO/online marketing: http://alerts.ryanbrink.com

  29. Kyle Gray says:

    Interesting idea! thanks for sharing Ryan!

  30. Edward Chan says:

    Great article! FYI, I’ve actually created a handy guide to create Trello cards from Slack: http://blog.supportkit.io/slack-to-trello/

  31. Chris Ward says:

    Great post, Kyle. The Slack WordPress plugins aren’t very well reviewed and haven’t been updated in a while. Something similar can be achieved using IFTTT – you can use a recipe to post to Slack every time a new post is published. There isn’t a way to get notifications when a new comment is posted, though. I’m not sure if this can be achieved with Zapier.

  32. Kyle Gray says:

    Great ideas Chris! thanks for sharing. I wonder if disqus could make an integration with Slack. Currently I get all my comment notifications via email. But having it in the slack channel would be great.

  33. Yoke.io says:

    Shameless plug for yoke.io: We are a service that lets Slack users query lists in Trello, issues in GitHub, campaigns in MailChimp, tickets in
    Zendesk, and lots more directly from their favorite channel. More info at http://bit.ly/1MQr3I9

  34. Thomas Fanelli says:

    Great list! First time I heard of Groove, just went and signed up and it looks great!

  35. Nikbin Rohany says:

    Here is another great integration for keeping track on absences within a team: https://www.absence.io/en/blog/slack-integration

    It posts your teams absences day-by-day into one of your channels.

  36. alefeuvre says:

    Great list, thanks Kyle! Here is a new Slack integration you might like: http://www.Clubble.io a ready-to-go solution to connect a Slack team to its email-reliants clients.

  37. Tayla_Flint says:

    I work in a legal office and I can certainly see the merits in using Slack for internal communication.

  38. My favorite Slack integration is Partyline: http://partyline.rocks/

    It allows you to manage your projects within Slack. Unlike a lot of other project management integrations, you can actually create, edit and delete tickets from Slack.

    It currently integrates with GitHub Issues and Sprintly.

  39. Payal says:

    Here is another free Slack integration I found out for creating polls and collect collated response.
    Just two steps sign In need and you can have a trial as well before signing up.

  40. Lewis says:

    The mail chimp doc link is broken, it should be https://connect.mailchimp.com/integrations/slack – lowercase s for slack

  41. Alex Shamy says:

    This is super helpful. Always looking for ways to make office life and team communication easier.

    Another great Slack integration is with KISI to unlock the office door remotely: https://getkisi.com/slack

    The integration acts as a doorbell as well!

  42. Kyle Gray says:

    Thanks for the heads up Lewis! got it fixed

  43. Kyle Gray says:

    That’s pretty clever!

    I bet the next step will be having a pizza delivery integration with Slack.

  44. Kyle Gray says:

    Good suggestion Nikbin! This stuff is tough to track with remote teams. I can see how this could be very useful.

  45. Kyle Gray says:

    This is interesting! it is something I was hoping to see with the Trello integration. I hope to see more features like this in integrations in the future.

  46. Reggie Revello says:

    anyone has knows about a free Slack integration for service tickets? I mean to track support to a production line?

  47. Vic Dorfman says:

    Kyle you’ve probably already figured this out but Zapier can send Disqus comment notifications to a slack channel for you.

  48. Vic Dorfman says:

    Nice share! Thanks for this SAAD, just signed up.

  49. Jason Green says:

    We’ve just launched a Tech & Startup News App for Slack to keep your team and yourself on the cutting edge: http://www.newspaper.io

  50. SunShine says:

    Just starting to use Slack and trying to learn if we can connect multiple twitter accounts to Slack. Anyone know?

  51. PG says:

    Looks to be one per Slack user account, from a quick test.

  52. Carlo Borja says:

    Fantastic roundup, Kyle! Another integration I would want to mention though is Time Doctor.

    It’s a fantastic simple integration that provides you real time insight into what tasks you and your team are currently working on. This is on top of the time tracking it provides.

    You can check the integration in this page.

  53. Laura says:

    Olly by http://www.tassuru.com is a Slack integration for team availability.

    Olly recognizes just about any presence you can throw at him (sick, vacation, remote working, travel and more!) And it’s as easy as a conversation. Olly will post a daily availability report for all scheduled absences, and during the day for unscheduled ones (like sicknesses.)

  54. Bobby Stemper says:

    This is some awesome stuff, Kyle. Gained a lot of inspiration from this post while compiling some of the best slack integrations for marketing automation. Keep up the great work!

  55. Alexis Lewalle says:

    Back in the beginning of 2015, my company at the time was using Zopim and Slack to cover its communication needs. Working with these two tools in addition to exchanging regularly with fellow entrepreneurs who were using Intercom, led to our aha moment: why not use Slack as an admin interface to chat directly with our site’s visitors and clients? All communication handled directly from within Slack! Eventually, we managed to turn this crazy idea into an actual company. February, 2015 Slaask was on the scene: an absurdly simple customer chat tool for Slack. It’s been working like a charm for us as well as for others. It’s both increasing our team efficiency and bringing us happier customers! 😀 Have a look for yourself https://slaask.com/ and form your own opinion 🙂

  56. Kuba Rogalski says:

    So many useful integrations here!
    We at brand24.net, a social listening platform, have just released one of the latest that streamlines all the collected mentions from any of user’s Brand24 projects into a chosen Slack channel. It’s super cool as users can now react faster & collaborate with team members even more efficiently 😉
    Have a look at the details here https://brand24.net/integrations/slack/

  57. Roland Backlin says:

    Favro.com, the latest addition to smart integrations with Slack gives you an easy way to communicate around your agile/kanban board

  58. Jackson Cunningham says:

    If you like movies, check out our brand new slack integration: http://www.trailerpuppy.com/slack It posts brand new movie trailers to a given channel

  59. Mailbird says:

    FYI – Our email client for Windows, Mailbird (http://www.getmailbird.com) just released a Slack integration that allows users – for the first time ever – the ability to use Slack right inside their email client, cutting out the need for two separate apps.

  60. Guilherme Coelho says:

    Also, I’ve recently built http://Checkin.chat – a service that lets you make team surveys through Slack. Forget email and complex forms, survey your team right where they are and get the highest response rates!

  61. one internet says:

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  62. kwojewoda says:

    Great article, but I see there is no #HR integration here. We at calamari.io working on HR solution integrated with Slack, we support slack commands, notifications and the newest one interactive buttons – Here you can find more: https://calamari.io/integration/slack

  63. Guilherme Duarte says:

    I’m using Slack for over a year now and it’s great. We use integrations with Trello, and other task management and productivity tools. If I have a problem with Slack it’s all about the tons of content shared by my team on a daily basis. A lot of links with interesting content but no time to read it all, and eventually it gets lost on channel.

    Having that in mind we’ve created Catch Up (http://catchup.buzz/), a powerful integration with Slack that will store you the must read content shared by all your team. It’s not only a link aggregator as it uses Machine Learning algorithms to serve the relevant content to each user, taking into consideration their favorite type of articles and their relationship with the person who shared a specif link.

    It also comes with a bot that will give you, in context, the top articles you’ve missed. The bot is also able to store links on command and to serve you the top or new content based on your questions.

    We’ve just rolled this out and it would be great to have your feedback on it.

  64. Sunny Salman Jamil says:

    This is great and all, but isn’t it time to move past the “we redirect our notifications to a Slack channel” step now? A true integration lets the user use the application on the specified Slack channel, not simply read what is happening elsewhere only to leave Slack to take action.

  65. Vjaceslavs Kreidikovs says:

    Here is one more integration. Our management uses to get answers from people:

    Engage your team in one-to-one dialogues. Private Slack conversations have 1200% higher response rate than #general messages. Get your team to finally answer your messages!

  66. gaufire says:

    Another useful integration would be – Tracking Phone calls and voicemails directly in your Slack channels. You get real-time messages on Slack for following events:

    1. A team member is added or removed from JustCall
    2. Your team gets a new international phone number or release a phone number
    3. A customer or prospect contact is added, modified or deleted
    4. When someone leaves a voicemail for you – you get a link to the voicemail via Slack message
    5. You get incoming phone call on your JustCall phone numbers
    6. Outbound call is initiated or ended

    More info on how to get started with this integration in minutes: https://justcall.io/blog/slack-integration-phone-call-tracking.html


  67. toroktomi says:

    Wow, I like that Twitter integration, thanks for sharing. 🙂

    I put together a similar post, listing the best Slack integrations for software teams: http://codingsans.com/blog/slack-integrations-for-distributed-software-teams

  68. Maxim says:

    Meet Leo, [A Slack Bot for Happier Teams] created by our team at Officevibe. Leo is perfect for measuring team engagement and collecting anonymous employee feedback. Give it a try and see why it’s been featured in the brillant bot since it’s launch! https://www.officevibe.com/slack

  69. Alex Kistenev says:

    Slack is great for a team communications for sure. I’m excited how many useful Slack apps are out here. Here is another comprehensive list of 100+ Slack apps for Product Managers: https://medium.com/standuply/100-slack-apps-and-integrations-for-a-product-manager-52f44ec2d8f4

  70. Slava Kovalenko says:

    There are so many useful Slack apps out here. Here is another comprehensive list of 100+ Slack apps for Product Managers: https://medium.com/standuply/100-slack-apps-and-integrations-for-a-product-manager-52f44ec2d8f4

  71. jamescmarch says:

    Any chance you could repair the broken link for “Related: The Slack quick start guide”:

  72. Ehsan Abbasi says:

    Good stuff! We also use Slack in our CI/CD cycles. We have also developed our own bot using https://github.com/iranianpep/slackbot to access the internal database.

  73. There is community inviter. You should use that.


  74. Estera Deželak says:

    Reducing the no. of emails from apps is great! Email filters are ok, but this is a definite step forward.

    Check out this Slack integration for your meeting rooms: https://blog.getjoan.com/talk-to-your-meeting-room-the-same-way-you-talk-to-your-coworkers-try-this-free-slack-integration-34c5030d1ea6

    It gives you the option of booking a meeting room straight from Slack. It’s still in beta, but new features are coming.

  75. varun4658 says:

    Can someone help
    i want to integrate my email with slack without choosing any premium plan
    is this possible?
    i knew few third party apps which integrates email & slack but there are not free apps
    can anyone suggest any free apps?

  76. Trang Tran says:

    I like using Slack Thanks for the article!

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