How to create content that follows the buyer’s journey

The buyer’s journey is a simple enough concept, but working it into your content marketing the right way takes a little extra work.

In his article, we’ll be talking about a bigger buyer’s journey that covers everything from the pre-purchase stages to becoming a repeat customer.

How to design customer success into your content strategy

In thinking about your content marketing, you’re probably thinking about guest posting, the types of posts to write, and your website analytics, among other things.

But if you’re ignoring customer success and its role in your marketing, then you could be crippling your content. Find out why and how to fix that here.

10 productivity tools to keep remote teams on track

Remote work and freelancing are both on the rise — which means that if you haven’t managed a team of remote workers before, you probably will have to at some point.

These ten apps will keep your remote team productive and make it easy for managers to keep everyone on track.

How to use Instagram ads to grow your startup

If Mercedes-Benz can create a 54% increase in website visits with a clever campaign, why can’t you?

Read on to find out the do’s and don’t’s of creating an effective Instagram advertising campaign.

What’s the difference between PR and content marketing?

PR and content marketing can make or break your business, but it’s important to understand the differences between these approaches.

So what’s the difference, where’s the overlap, and how can you make the most of them with your strategies?

WP Curve turns 1 thanks to YOU!

Hooray! Our first birthday has arrived and we want to celebrate it by thanking all of the awesome people who have supported, promoted and boosted us throughout the last 365 days. We’ve grown from $0 to $275,000 in annual revenue run rate in one year with your help.

The ultimate beginners guide to podcasting

Podcasting is one of the most powerful forms of content marketing and and a big part of how I’ve grown my audience in a small amount of time.

In this post I’m going to go into detail on why and exactly how to create and publish a great podcast for your business.