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Ryan Spanger


WP Curve Saves Ryan Time and Money

In this customer interview, we ask Ryan at Dream Engine about his experience with WP Curve.

About Dream Engine

Dream Engine produces videos that help businesses communicate more effectively with their audience. Dream Engine works with a number of leading global brands, as well as ambitious and fast growing companies. Their videos help clients with challenges such as launching or promoting a new product, increasing engagement and conversions on websites, communicating internally to staff or training them on new processes and documenting events, speeches, conferences and launches.

Why does your WordPress website matter?

We chose the WordPress platform for our website because of the ability to easily update the site. We regularly add new content to the site, refine it for conversions and test out new ideas. Our website is the first place that many new prospects connect with Dream Engine, so it is vital that the site works well.

What did you do before you started using WP Curve?

We were less likely to make small updates or fixes to the site because it wouldn’t be worth the cost. We would often wait for enough changes to accumulate so we could justify the cost of a web designer to make the fixes. We are now regularly updating and refining our site which means a better experience for visitors to our website and a better refection of Dream Engine.

If we took on changes ourselves, because we only dabble in WordPress and are not experts, something seemingly small would end up taking a lot of time and causing a lot of frustration.

How does WP Curve help your business?

WP Curve helps us by making fixes and small updates, fast. We have a general understanding of WordPress, but there are times where we’d rather leave it to the experts than risk breaking something. When there is a problem on the site that needs fixing, it is valuable to know that WP Curve will take care of this very quickly. There are a few example of how WP Curve have helped us:

When Twitter updated their API, it broke the Twitter feed on out site. Having elements not functioning correctly on the site sets a bad impression. Within a day, WP Curve fixed our Twitter feed.

Our web designers designed our site with a tricky drop down video player. It looks great, but it’s not easy for us to update. WP Curve takes care of this for us, which makes our life easier.

The main benefit is that we now have a team that is very reliable and solves our problems very quickly.

How much value do you get from WP Curve?

WP Curve gives us around $400 worth of value for their Standard support plan. The monthly peace of mind is worth even more to me.

What would you tell someone who is interested in WP Curve, but isn’t 100% sure?

Once I decide to do something I want it done fast. Very fast. Like today or tomorrow. If you’re like me, then a service like WPCurve will appeal to you.

I find it very annoying to have to follow up with a service provider asking how the work is going and when I should expect it to be done by. I’ve never had to do this with WP Curve. They respond to my work requests fast. They fix things fast. And they always get it right.

I don’t have to go back and ask them to fix their mistakes, because they haven’t made any since I’ve worked with them.

At Dream Engine we are fanatical about customer service. Our clients expect great service and we deliver it. So it is a pleasure to work with a company that is just as fanatical about customer service and delivering high quality work. Our values are aligned and things flow smoothly. If you are in a similar situation, then test out WPCurve. They’ll make your life easier and save you money.


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