Podcast #37 – 6 secrets to startup success with Matt from Vooza

In episode 37Matt Stillman 150x150 of Web Domination, I chat with Matt Stillman (@Voozahq) the CEO of Vooza. Matthew sees his role as standing at the intersection of technology and the humanities. “People wonder how I’m so productive. And the key is: I spend 12 hours a day reading articles about productivity.”


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6 Key Ingredients of a Successful Startup

1.  Design is everything

  • Inspired by leaves and nature
  • 7,000 shades of blue – tropical storm blue
  • Crawling like an ant and putting it into a text box
  • Go outside and find a tree
  • See design inspired by nature here

2. Get the team productive – Entreprenogrphy

  • Spending more time reading about it than doing work
  • You’re lying to co-workers (haven’t heard of Seth Godin)
  • Not attracted to real work – addicted to mixergy interviews
  • Feel like a productivity pervert
  • Suffering from isolation – need to get more agile, more lean
  • See video on the Entrepreneurs productivity test

3. Be a student of the game

4. Technical prowess

  • PHP is good for web apps in 2003
  • Ruby on Rails is what the cool kids are using
  • JavaScript is for old people
  • Handcuff programming
  • Call them code pigs instead of programmer
  • Check out the Code Pigs video here

5. Think big – 10x

  • Donald Trump said “As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.” “
  • Vooza have a 10x philosophy.
  • 10x bigger, 10x better, 10x faster
  • 10x crying
  • 10x by 10x = 20x harder
  • Check out the Core Value 10x video

6. Pitch

  • Tell a story – Laughter or tears
  • 300-400 pitches – no success
  • Should be able to convey your idea in 10 seconds or even just a sound
  • Some of Vooza’s pivosts “like Spotify meets Grinder but for rental cars but run as if it was for a hotel.” or Flipspot “Instapaper, meets kickstarter, and a little bit like quora without the questions – took credit card payments and made them animated gifs.
  • Check out the Pitch video here

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