Podcast #24 Owning the racecourse and being a problem solving machine with James Schramko

James Schramko, our most popular guest is back!

James Schramko, our most popular guest is back!

James Schramko our most popular guest so far is back for round 2 (see his first appearance here) to talk about owning the racecourse and how he has 5-10 years worth of ideas!


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High level of what Own The Racecourse (OTR) is

  • Video-based authority building based on ongoing news and tips updates
  • 2-5 minute videos putting out 3-6 per week
  • 1 – Overview
  • 2.  Team
  • 3 – Setup
  • 4 – Gathering ideas
  • 5 – Create content
  • 6 – Production
  • 7 – Publish
  • 8 – Syndicate
  • 9 – Measure
  • 10 – Refine

James’ Tips on Gathering ideas

  • Have information come to you so you can get them when you want to do the content
  • Using RSS to subscribe to top news websites
  • Team member sending James a summary of the industry news events
  • Meetups
  • Coaching clients
  • Forums
  • Help desk
  • Replies to emails
  • Video analytics (Wistia and Youtube) – The team make a list of what people like and dislike to inform future videos
  • Heatmaps and slit tests
  • Staff member goes through forum and sends James a list of topics to talk about

Other tips

  • Use Wistia for private videos for better analytics
  • Make topics broader at first and them get more specific as the video goes on
  • Set up triggers of some sort (i.e. a calendar alert)

Some stats

  • 50,000 views on youtube
  • 300-500 views per video
  • 1,000 downloads a day of audio files all up
  • 20,000 subscribers
  • 5000 fans on facebook
  • 20,000 uniques a month
  • 6-7 minutes time on site
  • 1,500 pages indexed
  • 300 Youtube subscribers

Other Fast Web Formula members owning their racecourses

John from Web Design Business Kits

Casey from Real Fit Women

Justin Meadowns from Evergreen Profit

This is a small sample of members of Fast Web Formula who are owning the racecourse.


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