Podcast 22 – The power of focus – Podcasting with John Dumas

John Dumas (@johnleedumas) has grown his podcast to 100,000 downloads a month in 100 countries in 3 months.

John Dumas has grown his podcast Entrepreneur on Fire from scratch to 100,000 downloads a month in 3 months. His focus and work ethic is inspiring and I went in depth in this chat to find out exactly how he went about dominating the podcasting world in such a short amount of time.


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How he got started

  1. Scratched his own itch – wanted his own daily podcast
  2. Has interviewed 115 people in 3 months since September
  3. Stacked up 40 episodes before even launching
  4. Got people sharing from day 1 and his own network
  5. Having a new podcast a day sent download numbers through the roof and boosted iTunes organic traffic


  1. Straight to new and noteworthy in iTunes from launch for 8 weeks
  2. 100,000 downloads a month not including Stitcher
  3. Downloaded in more than 100 countries
  4. 170 iTunes reviews already
  5. 15 to 40 email signups a day (already at 800 subscribers)


  • Edits all of his own episodes
  • Generally interviews 10 people per week more often than not on Mondays
  • 3 full time virtual assistants – 1 working US timezone hours
  • Pre-schedules tweets etc
  • Working at least 70 hours a week
  • Does all the guest outreach himself
  • Does all editing himself as well

Promotion tips

  • Asked listeners for reviews
  • Asked guests to rate and review the show
  • Asked guests to promote show
  • Sent $5 Starbucks vouchers to guests
  • Strategically went after big names with big audiences
  • $5 Starbacks gift cart for each guest

Tips for getting guests

  • Worked his way up from lower level guests through to higher level guests
  • Contacts direct via their website
  • Mentions the size of his audience etc to get attention
  • Went to physical in person events and told them what he was doing and asked people to be on the show
  • Used testimonials and accolades from original guests to get higher level guests
  • Emails to guests mention other guests he has had on


Show structure

  • Will integrate feedback over time on the structure of the show
  • Wanted to keep control over the pace and the structure of the show
  • Daily format has a lot of benefits including if there is a bad one, it’s forgotten about in a day


Interview skills

  • Learnt the skills over time didn’t have any experience doing interviews before the podcast
  • Got a coach / mentor

 Other tips

  • FOCUS – Follow One Course Until Success

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