Podcast 19 – Building a brand the grey hat way (with Travis Jamison)

Travis (@travis_jamison) from Supremacy SEO.

Travis Jamison from Supremacy SEO is a grey hat SEO specialist. This week he steps us through a step by step grey hat brand building strategy. He also makes an offer that hopefully Pat Flynn can’t refuse.


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Pat Flynn offer

Travis wants to take on Pat in an SEO challenge. If Pat loses he has to interview Travis on his podcast. Either way Travis will donate $1,000 USD to a charity of Pat’s choice.

Pat, if you are reading feel free to email me dan@inform.ly to make it happen.


Grey hat brand building formula

1. Brandable domain

  • Focus on a brandable domain name and do the traditional brand building that you would do regardless of SEO.
  • Have one main brand website
  • Don’t worry about keywords in the domain

2. Content / long tail

  • Build quality content
  • Always use long content – 2,000+ words
  • Look at the top results in Google and model off that
  • Focus on buyer keywords
  • Add media to your pages (pictures, videos) – google loves it. Take other images and crop / resize and re-name after keyword
  • Link out to high authority sites but not to your competitors. Better to be relevant but Travis doesn’t see this as essential.
  • Doesn’t bother with no follow or do follow on the outgoing links

3. Pre-reputation management

Review sites and Q&A sites

  • Don’t wait till your brand is hurt before paying for reputation management
  • Provides social credibility, buffers against bad press and helps rankings to own more sites in your niche
  • Make sure you rank for reviews of your products
  • Q&A sites – paying a team to ask and then answer questions
  • Review sites – set up a site as an affiliate site that you own

 Social Signals

  • Buying Facebook and Twitter follows from Fiverr
  • Uses social signals for the main site – at the moment Google not smart enough to know the likes are gamed
  • Not all social profiles are indexed
  • Can get more quality bought likes and tweets

Social profiles

  • Setup accounts on the main social sites
  • Can use these to outrank bad reviews later on
  • Travis uses Hootsuite

4. Feeder sites

  • Sending grey hat links through to feeder sites
  •  5-40 pages ok content focusing on brand keywords
  • These sites server as backlinks and traffic for the main site
  • High quality backlinks should pay for themselves
  • Uses keywords for domains for the feeder sites – uses keyword tool
  • Uses a team to write the content and update WordPress
  • Banner goes at the header of each of the feeder sites
  • Puts a bit of text up the top before the banner so as to not be slapped by Panda
  • Images pass plenty of link juice, Travis usually links back to the site with keywords links as well
  • Unsure whether Google looks at both links on the page but it helps for relevancy anyway

5. Link building

  • Uses exact match anchors less of the time
  • Most like building tactics still working like they used to
  • Main keyword should be used in anchor around 10% of the time
  • Uses keyword generator or google keyword tool to generate a lot of longtail keywords for the anchor text and focus on buying keywords – keyword diversity – around 10%
  • Uses the main domain as the anchor (naked URL links) for around 40-50% of backlinks
  • Uses words like click here, read more etc – around 10%
  • Uses the same strategy for feeder sites but builds a lot more links in more automated ways

 Recommending for new person

What’s coming next?

  • Google will start targeting platforms. Things like wiki links, social bookmarks.
  • Dan thinks 2 tiered structures will be next, Travis thinks it’s a long way off.
  • Try to appear natural and you should be ok
  • Web 2.0’s probably won’t work for much longer


Dan Norris is a co-founder at WP Curve and a passionate entrepreneur with an obsession for content marketing.

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