11% growth, book launches and lead magnets – August 2015 monthly report

August was a big month for us; we saw our biggest growth of the year and launched a new site design.

We believe the growth came from the return of our entry level plan, and some grassroots marketing by Dan at several conferences.

15% growth in traffic and pricing changes – July 2015 monthly report

We brought back the pricing of our standard plan to $79 and 1-off jobs to $79 and saw a good $2,000 growth in MRR once we set our prices back.”

We also saw some incredible 15% growth in our traffic and 56% growth in the number of opt-ins our newsletter this month.

$65,522 monthly run rate – June 2015 monthly report

Revenue hasn’t changed this month, but we have a few things on the horizon that we think will help us hit our stride again.

We have a total of 816 customers now and a run rate of $65,522, slightly down from 66,596 in May.

$66,596 monthly run rate, 11% increase in traffic, and big events – May 2015 monthly report

Revenue remains about the same, but we have made some great progress for our content and traffic.

Dan has been actively getting out to events and speaking about the WP Curve journey, he spoke at 2 great events in May.

$66,154 run rate and content updates – April 2015 monthly report

We’ve been in a tight spot this month, growth has stalled on a few fronts as a result of some changes to our pricing structure.

There’s still a few bits of good news and we have some plans to get back on track, such as improvements to our content.

$64,151 revenue and a new pricing structure – March 2015 monthly report

March has been a tricky month for us, we have introduced a new annual plan and pricing structure, but we could have been more clear with our customers.

We also discuss hiring developers, a 13% increase in website traffic, hitting our content goals, and customer happiness.

6% growth and a new process for quality – February 2015 monthly report

February was a great month with 6% growth, new content, new team members and new plans to make our service better.

We put some systems in place to tackle the challenges of maintaining high-quality customer service and our response times down.

37% increase in web traffic and 8% revenue growth – January 2015 monthly report

January was a slowish month for us as expected at this time of year, but overall we had good results.

Our traffic had a huge boost with a 37% increase in visits and our business grew by 8% from $56,319 to $60,624 monthly revenue.

8% growth $56,321 monthly revenue – December 2014 monthly report

December was a great month, our monthly revenue increased from $52,328 to $56,319 (8%) despite the historically slow time of year.

We’ve also increased the total number of jobs we are processing and are working on improvements to manage our team around the world.

107 new customers, 17% growth, starting a wait list, 7 new team members, Alex meets Dan – November 2014 WP Curve monthly report

To say November was a big month in Curve land would be a huge understatement.

We had so many signups we had to create a wait list, 17% revenue growth, we hired 7 new team members and Alex and Dan finally met face to face for the first time.