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10 red flags your startup idea will fail

If you are like me you'll have a lot of startup ideas. But how do you decide which ones to work on?

In this article I run through some of the red flags that have resulted in failed ideas for me in the past. Use these to avoid the same mistakes yourself and find the best ideas to work on.

How Russ Perry grew a multiple 6 figure business in 106 days

Design Pickle is the WPCurve for graphic design. Launched January 21st, 2014, they are now at over $20k in monthly revenue and 100+ clients.

In this post Russ Perry, Founder of Design Pickle, shares his journey of going from fear to focus to help you navigate the murky and often uncertain waters of entrepreneurship.

How Stacey Jacobs launched with paying customers in 7 days – 7 Day Startup Case Study

With the help of a bunch of simple tools, Stacey Jacobs was able to launch her company and get paying customers within 1 week.

I reached out to Stacey for some more details to include in the book and in this case study.

Why I chose ‘service as a service’ for my startup

My startup bombed and my numerous efforts to work out a software business model failed. I ran out of time and had to make drastic changes to avoid getting a job.

I was 2 weeks from going back into corporate slavery. ‘Service as a service’ has worked out to be a great option.

Please steal these 4 startup ideas

Struggling to come up with startup ideas? Here are 4 ideas that I think could be turned into great businesses.

I would love if someone who reads this executes one of these ideas. If you do, please let me know in the comments.

Is startup validation bullshit?

I read the Lean Startup and had lots of conversations with some very smart software entrepreneurs about validation.

The problem is: what happens if your results aren’t as rosy as those examples?