WP Curve turns 1 thanks to YOU!

Birthday cupcake

Exactly one year ago, Dan sent out the following email to his list. He was losing $1,500 / month at the time and 2 weeks away from having to get a job.


He had 10 signups in the first week and 2 weeks later I posted this comment on his ‘thedannorris’ blog (on this post).


I know an opportunity when I see one and I could see that we could both help each other a lot. I offered to work for free for 3 months while I waited for my USA work permit. Fast forward 3 months and we were 50/50 partners in a ramen profitable business.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing (see What I learned failing at 83%), but it’s been a sensational year overall. Here are some of the highlights:


  • We’ve signed up more than 300 monthly customers.
  • We’ve grown to a team of 15 people.
  • In 11 out of the 12 months, we’ve grown by 15% a month or more  (5% in the one “bad” month).
  • We eclipsed $23,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue.
  • We only spent $180 on advertising.
  • Our email list has grown to 10,000+.
  • We’ve had more than a quarter of a million people visit our site.
  • We’ve been featured on Inc.com, Forbes.com and Fox News.
  • Neither of us had to get a job (WIN!)
  • We’ve had a lot of fun and built an awesome community around us.
  • We still haven’t met each other…

Dan and I want to recognize and sincerely thank all of the people who have helped us build our business and have supported us through this crazy journey.

Everyone in the list below has answered the call when we have asked for help. Whether they have promoted us, supported us or told us to stop launching businesses and focus – they are a huge reason why we were able to grow WP Curve from $0 to $275,000 annual run rate in one year.

If I miss you in this list, let me know. There are a lot of people to thank!

*deep breath*

Aaron Agius

Aaron is a prolific content creator and you can check out some of his finest work here. Thanks for coming on our podcast, creating great content and being a customer.

Adam Franklin & Toby Jenkins

Adam and Toby have shared our content, joined us on our podcast and inspired Dan to market our business through openness and generosity.

Austin Gunter

AG helped us build our profile early on by interviewing Dan on the WP Engine Finely Tuned Consultant, as well as introducing me to many members of the WordPress community. I owe him a few whiskeys, at least!

Brent Shepherd

I work with Brent from WeWork at Prospress HQ. He runs a successful WordPress business, gives way more than he takes and is a role model for anyone who wants to build a great reputation in the WordPress community. Brent – you’re the man.

Brendon Sinclair

Thanks for coming on our podcast and laughing at Dan’s jokes. Brendon is very generous with his time, especially when Dan was just a spring chicken, flailing with his web agency.

Brittany McClafferty

The love of my life. Thanks for supporting me through everything, babe! You’re the reason I can do this 🙂 I love you.

Caty Norris

Dan’s original co-founder, Caty has kept Dan on the rails and supported him through a LOT of tough years.

Chris Ducker

For spending time on the phone with Dan, being a great customer and great promoter of the service.

Chris Hexton

Chris is a fellow Aussie entrepreneur dominating the blogosphere with the best email marketing blog in the business. He’s a customer, and a big supporter of our content.

Chris Lema

If you’re in WordPress, you’ve heard of Chris Lema. He helps WordPress entrepreneurs spread the word about their business and he’s reviewed our service on his blog.

Clayton Morris

The ethical entrepreneur himself, Clayton is a news anchor and a booster of entrepreneurs around the world. I was lucky enough to be invited to join Clayton in the Fox News studio in New York City and although it was an intense experience, it was a defining moment in the first year of WP Curve. Check out the interview here. Thanks for having me!


Past, present and future. You are the reason we have a business and we appreciate your support, feedback and trust.

Damian Thompson

DT can’t help but keep it real. He’s an informal advisor to WP Curve and he’s a very motivated marketer, just ask him about his cold email and cold calls. His hard work has paid off and his business is growing at the same rate as ours. Oh… he was customer #1 – what more can I say!

Dan Andrews

Dan A has inspired Dan N’s way of thinking about business more than Dan N can even remember. On top of that he was a huge supporter early on, has introduced us to his network of the best entrepreneurs in the world and frequently mentioned us on his show and supported our content.

Danny Iny

For connecting with us early on and letting his list know about our service and referring us customers.

Drew Sanocki

Drew is an early customer of WP Curve, a big supporter and has helped to connect us with a few very smart people. One of my favourite memories of the last year was meeting Drew in a coffee shop in New York City and getting his feedback on what matters to him as a customer. With a successful exit in an ecommerce business, you just know that his new Adwords agency is going to be a winner.

Empire Flippers

Justin and Joe have been big supporters and are very open and honest in their business. They are big supporters of our content too which means a lot. Check out their blog for in depth income reports and a great podcast.

Hiten Shah

We pitched WP Curve to Hiten on a Skype call on day 32. He generously gave us useful and actionable advice. Some 200 days later, I met Hiten to talk about where we’ve come and where we are going. He is extremely generous with his time and we love how he supports entrepreneurs throughout all stages of company and personal growth.

Jake Hower

Just when we were starting out in 2013, Jake Hower agreed to split a room with me at the Ontraport conference. The room was so nice, I ordered myself a family pizza and stayed in one night instead of dropping too much cash on the resort restaurant… it’s a hard-knock life for a bootstrapped founder! Jake has also been a huge help to Dan with Infusionsoft and a big promoter of our content.

James Schramko

James was a big influencer to Dan when he started content marketing. Since then, he’s given us real feedback about our businesses. He will tell you exactly what he thinks, without letting emotion or fluff get in the way. There’s a reason why he’s so successful – he knows his stuff. Thanks for keeping it real, James.

Jake Jorgovan

If you’re a freelancer and have dreams of working remotely, you need to read Jake’s blog. Jake has contributed to our blog, promoted our business and shared our content with his audience. We’re excited to see what the next year has in store for Jake and read more of his genuine, thoughtful content.

Janine Nesbit

Janine is, without a doubt, our biggest fan. From helping us set up our LLC to cheering us on and telling anyone within earshot about us, she has supported us from the first day we started working on WP Curve. I also signed up my first WP Curve customer (who is still with us today) from her kitchen table. Thanks, J9!

John Lee Dumas

Look up ‘focus’ in the dictionary and you will see a photo of John (and he will be smiling). He loves to help entrepreneurs and put his money where his mouth is by retaining us as his chosen WordPress support provider. Dan chatted with John on episode 355, while I landed episode 404 on his booming podcast. He’s also living breathing proof that if you create enough value for other people, it will come back to you ten fold. John is extremely generous, positive and a great content creator. It’s awesome to see him being rewarded with an explosive business. You’re an inspiration, mate!

Jonathan Heston

From breakfast recipes to lifehacks, Jonathan is a genuine guy who has promoted and supported us all the way. He was by far the most active member of our now closed Startup Chat community – that’s because he spends so much time helping people around him and giving back. Keep up the awesome work!

Josh Vickers

Josh runs a company called Fantasktic and he is our go to man for site migrations. He also knows WordPress like the back of his hand. We trust him with our customer’s sites, which is a very big deal for us.

Ken Dovey

Ken was the catalyst for me stepping into entrepreneurship. If you need someone to help you get past your own negative self-talk and BS, he is your man.

Matt Mullenweg

With the help of his team of loyal Automatticians, Matt has built a platform for more than 20% of the web and democratized modern publishing. WordPress is going to the moon and we’re going along for the ride.

Matthew Harrington

Matt is my cousin and role model. He’s shown me what is possible in scaling a service business and how hard you really need to work to succeed (he worked 12+ hours a day in his first few years). One piece of sage advice that Matt has left me with is to focus less on money and more on building a successful business, the money will come.

Matt Medeiros

Matt is a great ambassador for WordPress business owners and he invited us onto the inaugural WordPress startup challenge. Thanks a bunch, Matt.

Mel Richards

Mel is our favourite Woman in WordPress. She has the entrepreneurial bug and is going to succeed, just as she’s helped us succeed by tirelessly promoting us and being an awesome booster throughout the last year.

Michelle Ozonowicz 

Our favorite editor at large, Michelle keeps thousands of readers up to date with the latest and greatest news in WordPress at Torque Mag.

Natalie Sisson

With a wicked sense of humour and a great outlook on life, Natalie has promoted and supported us a lot. Her approach to living an authentic, location independent life is an inspiration to us.

Neil Patel

Neil is a machine and sets the standard for content marketers. He produces quality content with such ferocity that it’s hard to understand how he has the time to eat or sleep. Neil has also joined us for a chat here, where you’ll learn about his secret weapon… negotiation. Thanks for doing what you do, Neil.

Noah Kagan

Noah is a ball of energy. He’s always made the time to help us out when we’ve needed it, even though he’s got a jam-packed schedule of helping thousands of other entrepreneurs, eating tacos and giving his right hand man, Anton, a hard time. Thanks, mate!

Renee Warren

Renee and the team at Onboardly have been big supporters of our content. We collaborated with them on this content conversions guide and love the work they do. Keep it up 🙂

Rob Walling

Rob is the boss when it comes to bootstrapping businesses. He runs the best bootstrapping podcast and had Dan as a guest author on his blog and on his podcast. Rob is super positive and a massive supporter of entrepreneurs. Dan calls him the Oracle.

Sean Ellis

We call him Mr Growth. He’s equally data driven and a people person. We’ve learned a lot from him and will continue to. He helped to focus us on retention and is genuine in everything he does. He also gets bonus points because he runs an awesome community of Growth Hackers and he’s an Aussie.

The Team

We’re now a 15-strong team and our awesome, loyal team have stuck with Dan and I as we improve our processes, systems and training to make their job easier.

Troy Dean

Troy has been a big supporter of ours and we love the fact that he’s giving back to WordPress businesses through his business accelerator program, WP Elevation.

WordPress community

Thanks for accepting us with open arms. We’re a new business and we’ve received a lot of support from the community, even though some folks had never met us or heard of us before.


There are over 25,000 monthly visitors to this blog and you’re one of them. Thanks to you for reading our content, supporting our business and spreading the word about WP Curve.


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Hi, I'm Alex McClafferty. I'm the co-founder of WP Curve.

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