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The step-by-step Facebook retargeting guide: Get more conversions from your existing traffic

Too much time and effort is spent in getting traffic to your site that ultimately leaves before they even convert into email subscribers or customers.

Facebook Ads really shine when you leverage them to increase the attention you get from your existing audience - this is called retargeting.

How much does it cost to acquire a customer (CPA Calculator)

One of the things that has amazed me about working with small businesses over the years has been how little attention is paid to the really important metrics in their business:

This calculator will show you your cost to acquire each customer or cost per acquisition (CPA).

Using Google Analytics to determine if your content is generating leads

As a content marketer I’m regularly looking at my stats to work out what content is doing well.

In this article I’ll go through 2 useful reports for determining how useful your content is at driving leads.

The beginner’s guide to Google Adwords

Adwords is not a “set and forget” platform, and it needs to be carefully monitored and managed, particularly when starting out.

This guide will help you determine if Adwords is right for you, and some simple strategies for beginners to get started.

The Practical Retargeting Guide

Retargeting is the practice of showing your ads to users who have previously been to your website.

It’s a powerful form of online display advertising, because you are targeting people who have already shown an express interest (by visiting your site) in your product or service.