One penny and 30 days: the conversion audit overhaul

For small businesses every conversion counts, but most don’t have budgets to pay $5,000/mo for a professional CRO agency to optimize their site. It is possible to try all of the pro tools and use them for a one off conversion overhaul. Of course we’d suggest continuing on with any tool if you feel you are getting value from it and you can afford the ongoing costs.

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In this post we’ll run through how to use 4 top conversion tools to implement a one off conversion overhaul. This is a good plan for anyone with a site with 3,000-10,000 visitors.

How to prepare

These tools will give you much more actionable results if all used at the same time than one at a time. Be ready to sign up for all of the tools below (except for Visual Website Optimizer) on the same day.

Since all of your data will be focused in the short time frame of 30 days, make sure to consider external factors that could impact your results:

  • Major holidays
  • Seasonality
  • New product launches
  • High profile exposure

WP Curve site review template – Free

This template is your first step. Use it to get a general idea of where your site is doing well and where you could improve. It discusses many of the most critical elements of a site such as your USP, copywriting, design, and content, and it references some great examples of best practices from leading brands. You may find some easy fixes to test. After you complete the template you can use it as a point of reference to help you interpret all the information you will be finding with the tools below.

This document should be constantly referenced as you are collecting and examining your findings from the other tools. See if your visitors’ behavior aligns with the document. Do they notice your USP? Are they engaging with your copy? Are they moving through your site the way you want them to? Each of the tools below should give you a different piece of the puzzle to guide you to opportunities for increasing conversions on your site.

UserTesting Peek – 3 tests a month and free forever

A good way to get ideas for improvement is having a fresh pair of eyes look at your page. This tool gives you a 5-minute user test of your site. It’s fast, easy, and free, and a real person will record a video of themselves using your site and saying what is going through their head. A fresh pair of eyes on your site can show you some surprising ways that people engage with your site differently than you would expect.

This tool will assign a random person to test your site, so using all three tests should give you three unique perspectives on your site, and at least one should have some good insights for you. Consider using one of those tests for a mobile version of your site as well, as those tend to be very different experiences. Though it is not a good idea to do a complete overhaul of your site based on one to three people’s experiences on your site, it can give you a good idea of where you can focus your efforts. Look for patterns that form in all three of the tests.

Here’s what a peek at WP Curve looks like:

Crazy Egg – Free for 30 days

This tool is an excellent way to understand how your visitors are interacting with your site in a more visual way than Google Analytics. All of their plans are free for the first 30 days. A month of testing should give you a good idea of how people are working with your site.

Since you will only have a limited amount of time with this tool, it’s important to focus on on your top priority page—such as a landing page, home page, or your top selling product page—and focus on collecting critical data here.

I find it helpful to use the “confetti” feature and look at different behaviors from different referrers. Focus on finding out how your best converting channels are using your site, or to find where people are getting lost and distracted by less important elements on your page.

Here’s a sample of a test I ran for Square Hook that demonstrates how different referrals are behaving. You can see how visitors from Quora gravitate to the pricing page while clicks from google are a spread out across the top menu.

Crazy Egg

Looking at the scroll map can reveal some important information about your site. Check and see if there is any critical information or calls to action that are too low on your page and are being missed simply because your visitors aren’t scrolling that far.

Attention Wizard – $.01 for 30 days

The only one that will cost you money for a trial on this list. Attention Wizardtool offers eye tracking analysis for your site. Just submit a screenshot of your page, and it will give you an approximation of how the eye moves along the page. This is useful to see if people are looking where you want them to be, or what is distracting them. A month trial will allow you to run 10 tests.

This is a good compliment to Crazy Egg, and you can use this for early predictions while Crazy Egg is gathering data. Or it can run tests on other pages in your funnel while Crazy Egg focuses on your top priority page.

Another way I like to use this tool is by experimenting with different photos and visual content. The content does not even need to be live to be tested, but keep it as close to how you would want to see it live as possible for the most reliable results.

  • Does a certain background image drown out your USP?
  • Is that nice product image that links to a video getting the attention it deserves?
  • Are the bold colors of big brand logos in your “As seen on” section distracting from more important content?

Below is an eye test I ran for Power Practical as they were preparing their site to handle a boost in traffic from their debut on Shark Tank. I like this example because there are hot spots on their product images, logo, USP, and call to action.

PP Heatmap

Visual Website Optimizer – Free for 30 days (1,000 visitor limit)

It is better to use this after your 30-day trials on the other tools because running a split test simultaneously with other analytics tools like Crazy Egg can mess up the results of your test. Once you have collected data for 30 days on Crazy Egg, use your eye tracking and get your user tests. Review the information and come up with a plan of how you could improve your site.

Here are a few examples of what you can do:

  • Simplify your page, remove distractions and emphasize the main goal of the page.
  • Test a new layout.
  • Test new sales copy.
  • Experiment with a new offer or call to action.

A good strategy would be to test a dramatically different design against your current one and focus on one conversion goal. The more different the design, the more obvious the results should be. Testing small changes would take longer and require more visits to get a clear verdict.

Since you will only have 1,000 visits, it won’t be worthwhile to run more than one test.

You can directly edit a page with VWO and change layout, text, images, and design right in the tool. I find that this feature is good for static content like swapping out text, images, or changing minor CSS properties. I don’t recommend the editor for more robust changes like a layout or dynamic content.

Depending on the page you are editing and what you are changing, it may be better to do a split URL test and create a new test page in WordPress. This will give you a little more flexibility and less room for error.

If you have a lot of traffic, you can further concentrate this test on a specific set of your visitors. You could choose to only target mobile users, or a specific state or city if you are a local business. The more relevant traffic you can run through your test, the more valuable these results will be.


Though your results won’t be as reliable as a full blown conversion audit from a professional, you should be able to find a few hidden gems in your data that could boost your conversions. Focusing on one “mission-critical” area of your website will yield the best results in a short time frame.

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Do you have any suggestions or improvements to this strategy? Or did you try it out and want to give me some feedback? Let me know in the comments or shoot me an email at We will always consider your suggestions, and may even feature your story here!



Kyle is the founder of Conversion Cake . He is the author of "The College Entrepreneur" A book for students who want to break into entrepreneurship. Follow him @kylethegray

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