How to build a scalable WordPress business in 1 week (WordCamp Syd slides)

Here are my slides from my presentation at WordCamp Sydney on 28 September 2014. I’ve embedded them below and you can also download them underneath. If they produce a video, I’ll add it here as well. I run through how to build a WordPress business, with a focus on growth.

I’ve also included some pics and tweets from the presentation

Download PPT | Download PDF

Visit this link to get the 7 Day Startup book

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Twitter stream

WordPress business types against growth criteria


Here is a large pic of the WordPress business ideas matrix



Dan Norris is a co-founder at WP Curve and a passionate entrepreneur with an obsession for content marketing.

4 responses to “How to build a scalable WordPress business in 1 week (WordCamp Syd slides)”

  1. Tristan Bailey says:

    Love that better beard is a new plus 🙂

  2. Pat Craanen says:

    So here’s my dilemma: Signed up for your $69.95 per month service on January 28th and have yet to hear anything from anyone on the WP Curve Team. Loved the “7-Day Startup”, not so much with regard to WP Curve. I had hoped to have some advice from you guys by now so I could have worked this past weekend on my site. Feels like I’ve hit a major roadblock with your “startup”. Please advise!

  3. Dan Norris says:

    Hey Pat I’m having a look into this mate. I can’t find any emails in our system from you except from the one an hour ago so not sure what is up. The team will reply via email once we work out what happened. Normally once we get your details an email would come in so we could activate you.

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