Tracking your Google keyword position

Because search traffic is such a big part of the traffic equation, it’s important to keep an eye on where you are ranking in Google for your main keywords. Just searching Google isn’t the way to go because more and more, Google is personalising results. Google knows that you go to your site regularly, so it […]

Podcast 7 – Three business fundamentals with Tim Conley

  This week I sit down with Tim Conley from to chat about the 3 business fundamentals, often forgot by people starting out online. or Download the file or visit iTunes. 3 Fundamentals Idea generation The market Finances Mentions TMBA Summer Dan Andrews

Podcast 6 – Four steps to optimising for conversions

This week I chat to conversion rate optimisation specialist Will Swayne about his 4 step process to conversion rate optimisation (CRO). Will runs Brisbane based firm Marketing Results, you can follow him on G+ here. Download the CRO mind map here.       or Download the file or visit iTunes.

Podcast 5 – Five tips for selling an authority site on Flippa

This week I’ve decided to sell my authority site A Website Designer so I chat to Joe (hot money) Magnotti and Justin Cooke from the Adsense Flippers for their 5 best tips for selling on Flippa. These guys run a solid business out of Davao in the Philippines building and selling niche sites via Flippa […]

Podcast 4 – SEO companies where to from here?

This week I chat to the Internet Ninja himself Gabriel Machuret about a list of 10 things SEO companies can do in the wake of recent Google algorithm changes. Gab is an influential online marketer and SEO specialist and has been ranting about SEO companies for a long time on his blog Internet Ninja 🙂 He also […]

Podcast 3 – The five biggest mistakes in business (and how not to be a loser)

This week I chat with Brendon Sinclair from Tailored Web Consulting about the 5 biggest mistakes in business. Brendon is an experienced web / marketing guru having run his own business Tailored Consulting for many years. He is also a public speaker, author and one of my mentors so I was stoked to have him on […]

Podcast 2 – Scamworld, are all internet marketers scammers?

This week I chat with online marketing expert and entrepreneur Damian Thompson (@damianthompson) about the verge article Scamworld and the Internet Marketing scene in general. or Download the file or visit iTunes.

Podcast 1 – What’s going on in search with Jamie Marsden

This week I chat to SEO veteran Jaime Marsden about panda’s, penguins and generally what’s going on in search. or Download the file or visit iTunes.