10 lesser-known audio marketing platforms for building deep trust on social media

The purpose of social media is to build trust with your community, by you-guessed-it, being social. In other words, social media lets you scale up in person conversations so you can have them with a broader community. What better way to scale up an in-person conversation than actually have a conversation – with audio.

Here are a few emerging audio-based platforms that you could consider looking at if you want to get into audio marketing.

Do your blog posts look blurry on modern screens? WordPress guide to retina images

All mobile screens and most new high end laptops and computer screens now support high resolution images referred to as “Retina” by Apple. So how do you deliver the retina version of images to people viewing it on a retina device?

Discover 4 simple steps you can take to make your site ready for retina screens.

The ultimate guide to creating a high converting lead magnet

We hear about lead magnets every day. In order to sell anything online, the first step is to get people into your funnel with a lead magnet.

But there really isn’t a great, comprehensive guide on how to create one using the top online marketing tools at your disposal in 2016. So we decided to create this ultimate guide.

400+ words that trigger emotional responses on social media

The top priority for content marketers is to create more engaging content. Imagine what it would be like if you could make your content more engaging at will by using trigger words to activate hypnotic reflexes in your audience’s brain.

Discover a list of words and techniques that can instantly help you write better posts that engage your audience.

10 hacks to blow up your Instagram account

After interviewing Nathan Chan founder of Foundr Magazine, we got a little bit excited about Instagram. His following on there is exploding, like literally.

He’s written a lot about how he does it, so we delved into everything he has put out and put together the 10 most powerful hacks for you.

The power of contributors: How to double down on content

Is more engaging, high-quality content production on your list of things to accomplish this year?

Find out how to use contributors from both your professional network and internal team to boost content production without spending more.

The Gaga guide to planning your content marketing (Part 2)

You’ve read the first 4 steps, now get ready for the advanced section of this Content Marketing Planning guide.

Discover how to give interviews, do tours, gather your community and launch your album!

The Gaga guide to planning your content marketing (Part 1)

Succesful popstars all use a time-tested 8-step process for creating content, connecting with fans and launching albums.

In this post we’ll explore the benefits of content marketing planning and how you can learn from successful popstars like Lady Gaga.

How to build social media influencer engagement

If you’re failing to gain social media traction despite your best efforts, you can consider reaching out to social media influencers.

Social media influencers are regular folks like you and me, but they resonate strongly with consumers because they’ve shown credibility and made themselves transparent.

How Nathan Barry grew ConvertKit from zero to $125,000+ in monthly recurring revenue (Part 2)

In October 2014 ConvertKit monthly recurring revenue dropped down to $1207, and Nathan realized that if he wanted to turn his failing company around, he had to give it his full attention.

So he started working on his SaaS business full-time, invested $50,000 of his own money into it, hired a great team… And 15 months later, in January 2016, ConvertKit crossed the $125,000 in monthly recurring revenue mark.