Acquisition or sell-up? Rob Walling shares his insights from the sale of Drip

On seeing the announcement that LeadPages had acquired Drip, our initial thought was – having come this far what could have possibly persuaded Rob to let Drip be acquired. We figured the best way to answer this question would be to ask him.

Here are his thoughts on being acquired and some of the issues that entrepreneurs should be aware of as they approach a possible merger, acquisition or sale.

4 powerful tips to boost the success of your crowdfunding campaign – written by the guy from the crowdfunding platform

Crowdfunding is no longer the cool new kid on the block that everyone’s talking about. In fact it would seem that successful crowdfunding is getting harder if not near impossible. But is that true?

In this post we share tried and tested tips to boost the success of your crowdfunding campaign.

12 easy ways to boost your audience with social media tactics to find influencers and content

Do you find it difficult to quickly find out when someone talks about you, your product or brand on social media? Do you struggle with finding great content to share or to connect with the right people on social media?

In this post we look at tools that will help address these problems.

30 timeless lessons on creating killer content from one of the greatest business minds and copywriters: David Ogilvy

Often referred to as the father of advertising, David Ogilvy was one of the most sought after advertising folk in his time. Given the success he had in creating persuasive content and with lead generation, it makes sense to learn from Ogilvy and his successful advertising campaigns.

Discover 30 timeless lessons that can revive and lift your content marketing.

37 expert insights on how to rock SEO and content marketing (including Rand Fishkin, Jason Falls and Ruud Hein amongst others)

How is it that a new and small entrant, like Buffer, in a very competitive niche can seem to consistently attract huge audiences? How is it that they are also visible on the search engines time and time again?

In this post we take away some of the confusion being caused over how SEO and content marketing fit together with the help of 34 experts.

13+ unusually simple techniques to get creative when you are in a rut

For businesses and content writers creativity and originality can often be a distant thought as we battle with deadlines and other pressing needs.

Yet, most people desperately want to know how to be creative. Especially on days that seem like you are totally uninspired or stuck in a creative rut. In this post, we show you simple yet actionable ways to overcome this problem.

A beginners guide to Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook has made Instant Articles available to publishers of all sizes. But what does that mean for smaller publishers?

In this post, we will guide you through the ins and outs of Facebook publishing and how to get started. Unlike most of Facebook’s features, Instant Articles aren’t something that you can use straight away, they do require some preparation.

Personal productivity: Optimize your body to reach peak performance consistently

Personal productivity techniques work if you have the will and energy to do them and can only take you so far.

Becoming the best version of yourself starts with the fundamentals such as physiology. In this post we share science-backed concepts that can change your game on the most fundamental level.

Stop Working Nights – How To Work With A Virtual Assistant

Few people know why a Virtual Assistant can be so advantageous to the online entrepreneur and even fewer are aware of how to work with a Virtual Assistant.

In this post outsourcing expert Tom Hunt answers these questions and shows you specifically how to work effectively with your Virtual Assistant for your online business.

Invisible profit: How to build a business where others won’t

In this post, Gabe Arnold shares with you the step by step process he used to take a service idea and turn it into a “productized” subscription based company.

He created a company where few others thought it was possible, but it is something that you can do if you follow this simple step by step approach.