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How to be a prolific, consistent, fan magnet with content stacking

We all know we should be publishing consistent, high-quality text, audio and video on a consistent basis, but how do we find the time?

Content stacking helps us publish in a way that makes consistency easy, allows us to hit all 3 mediums and to convert casual readers into raving fans!

WP Curve joins GoDaddy

Since 2013, we’ve solved 105,000+ WordPress problems, earned coverage in major media (Fox News, Forbes and Lifehacker) and helped thousands of entrepreneurs with their WordPress sites. We’ve also built a world-class team of WordPress developers, shared lessons learned on this blog, and even enjoyed a few beers along the way. With your help, we’ve been […]

How to use Instagram hashtags to expand your reach

Whether you love or hate hashtags, there is no denying that on a platform like Instagram they can be quite valuable. In fact using at least one Instagram hashtag results on averages in a 12.6% increase in engagement than a post without a hashtag.

In this post we explore the use of Instagram hashtags in gaining followers and engagement. We also look at how you can find relevant hashtags for your content and campaigns.

The guide to creating your own Facebook group to get more traction and traffic

How is it that some business audiences can grow at such a rapid pace while others wilt and die?

It takes effort to get an audience going but can you shortcut the process through Facebook groups? After all it reaches over a billion users. In this post we look at what it takes to create and grow a thriving Facebook group to get more traction and traffic for your offering.

How to get more traffic from every post by republishing

As bloggers and marketers, we assume getting more traffic means creating more content, doing more promotion, and spending more time working.

Those things work, but there’s another way, too. And you don’t need to write a word of extra content to make it work. In this post we show you how.

18 secrets to growing your Facebook traffic and fans without a budget

With a number of studies showing the decline in Facebook organic reach it seems the only logical way to grow an audience would be to pay for advertising. Yet some pages seem to buck the trend. Why is that the case? Why can’t we reach more people with our updates? What kind of content should we be sharing?

In this post, we take a fresh look at the topic with the aim of getting high-quality traffic from Facebook whether it be conversions or just high engagement.

17 simple edits and tweaks to get more people to read your content

As marketers and writers we spend hours on bringing our content ideas to life and after all that effort, want our content to be seen.

Writing powerful content and copy to grab people’s eyes and win their hearts is a challenge, though. And often, when our content isn’t breaking through the noise we can be left feeling quite disheartened. In this post we share how we can fix it with a few simple edits and tweaks.

How to hire the perfect freelancer for your business

Growing our own business can be stressful. We have our customers to worry about, not enough time in the day, and a to-do list that seems a mile long.

But here’s a secret: hiring freelancers can be an effective way to avoid burnout and 10x your business in record time. In this post, hiring expert Eric Conley walks you through a proven 4-step system to hire “unicorn” freelancers who can help you grow your business to the next level.

How Mark Manson crafts viral posts and grows his audience

Controversy never seems far from Mark Manson’s articles which spark debate and yet endear him to his large readership. Some view him as a provocateur, while others see a refreshing voice that offers a different, thoughtful exploration and opinion on a wide range of subjects.

In this post Mark shares how he crafts his viral posts and grows his audience.