7 deadly content marketing challenges you will face in 2015

Content marketing has become very popular, but increased competition means your content marketing needs to get better in order to remain relevant.

This post is a list of seven content marketing challenges you will face in 2015 and our thoughts on how you can overcome them.

Content marketing: setting a purpose and measuring success

You need a clear content purpose in your content marketing strategy or you risk writing about content that attracts the wrong audience.

If you want to use content to grow your business, you need to write content your ideal customers will love.

Headlines matter: A simple formula for high performance headline writing

In this post, we share with you the step-by-step process that I formulated with other marketing and copywriting experts to help you create top-performing headlines.

Before you can craft a headline, you need to know why readers want to read your content.

The web entrepreneur’s guide to creating and using landing pages

A well designed landing page mixed with relevant traffic can send your conversion rate through the roof.

This guest post by Ross Beard gives a detailed analysis of the important elements of an effective landing page.

Five startup income reports you need to be reading

We’ve built our business off the back of our transparent content, in particular our monthly income reports.

We aren’t the only ones, and in this post we run through the blogs that have inspired us along the way.

How to grow your business with webinar marketing

This webinar marketing strategy guide will take you through a four-step process you can follow to grow your business with webinar marketing.

How to build your business with Content Marketing: a BS-free guide to Content Marketing Strategy

We’ve built our business using content marketing, so we feel like we are in a good position to show you exactly what works.

In this guide we have worked with Startup Content Strategist Ross Beard to teach you everything you need to know to get started with content marketing to grow your business.