Customer segmentation strategy – How to pitch based on content interest areas (WP Curve’s new lead nurture sequence)

Not all of your website visitors are created equal. As our content library and traffic numbers at WP Curve grew, we recognized that our content strategy needed to improve if we wanted to offer a better reader experience.

We also wanted to gain a better insight into the behavior of our readers. Specifically, we were looking to find out which type of content readers who ultimately become customers are most interested in.

Our exact process for managing marketing and growth at WP Curve

Growth hacking is associated with companies like airbnb and Dropbox but it has never been easier and cheaper to run experiments, get real-time feedback and make the necessary adjustments based on user’s reactions.

This means that even productized service companies like WP Curve are able to benefit significantly from using a systematized growth hacking approach to grow their customer base… and here is the exact process we’re using!