9 Entrepreneurs tell us where they find (and how they use) data to grow their business

business growth data

How are successful founders finding critical data to grow the business? How are they actually using it (or not using it) in practice?

Entrepreneurs like Sarah Jones, Jimmy Hayes, Dan Norris, Rob Walling, and 5 others weigh in on what’s working.

When should you kill a product? Noah Kagan, Rob Walling and 16 other founders weigh in

One of the most difficult decisions an entrepreneur can make is whether to kill a product or not.

We tapped 17 founders of varying backgrounds and experience levels to ask them one simple question: “What would lead you to kill a product?”

The definitive guide to writing a roundup post (7 step process)

picture of entrepreneurs Neil Patel and others

Creating roundup posts is an underrated way to produce epic content that brings together great minds to share ideas.

This post explains the 7 step process used to convince Neil Patel and Rand Fishkin to share customer happiness tips.