Startup Chat #68 – Build your WordPress business with relationships

I was invited to present about the first year of WP Curve at the annual Seattle WordCamp. The topic of choice was building relationships and I shared three different types of relationships that you should focus on building, how to avoid feeling sleazy and explained why relationships are so important, especially in a WordPress business.

WP Curve turns 1 thanks to YOU!

Hooray! Our first birthday has arrived and we want to celebrate it by thanking all of the awesome people who have supported, promoted and boosted us throughout the last 365 days. We’ve grown from $0 to $275,000 in annual revenue run rate in one year with your help.

Warren Buffett tells a non-tech 23 year old entrepreneur how he would start today

If you were 23 years old with entrepreneurial tendencies, what non-tech industry would you start a business in and why?

Warren Buffett shares his idea with a non-tech founder.

9 questions to you from the ICON14 conference

I learned a lot at the ICON14 event and because you’re kind enough to read this post, I’ll return the favor by sharing my top takeaways, actions and some burning questions. If you’re game, answer one of the questions for your business in the comments, I’d love to hear from you and start a conversation.

From failure to $37M funding with Adora Cheung – Homejoy

Homejoy is a new spin on an age old problem.

I sat front and centre at the San Francisco Startup Grind event to learn more about how Adora Cheung has scaled the business from broke to $37M in funding.

5 simple triggers to write better content, faster

Writers who frequently produce long-form, high quality content fascinate me. Three noteworthy writers I wanted to learn from are Neil Patel, Tim Ferriss and my co-founder Dan Norris.

I’m green with envy and wanted to find a way to create better content, faster.

Small business book review #3 – Virtual Freedom by Chris Ducker

A best-selling business book needs to be actionable, entertaining and of course… it has to be a great read. I read Virtual Freedom cover to cover in one night, then went back a week later to take notes and apply the methods Chris outlined in the book.

7 self publishing gems from Nathan Barry

Here’s a summary of what I’ve learned from Nathan Barry. This was compiled after studying his book Authority and listening to my bootleg recording of his presentation and Q & A at the event.

Introducing proactive WordPress help

We are now offering proactive WordPress help on top of our regular support service, at no extra cost. In this post, we’ll show you how it works and how it can help you.

Why empathy beats pointing the finger

I was confused when I received an email from our hosting provider that said our bill was overdue. We run an online business – so making sure our site stays online is kind of important. I replied to confirm our payment details were up to date, then I waited for a confirmation…