Everything I’ve learned about business, compressed into 7 days


Hi there, I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my book The 7 Day Startup. It contains everything I have learned about business in 8 years, compressed into a 7 day action plan.

The book will be free. I will also be releasing all of the content of the book via blog posts on this blog and other blogs. Each chapter will be modified into an acceptable blog post for the site it’s intended for.

I will also be offering 1 podcast interview for every one of the major topics in the book. If you would like to have me on your show / site, then please read on.

Podcast interviews

The book covers a range of topics to do with business, startups, failure, marketing and general business strategy. I have pulled together the major topic areas below and I will be offering an interview on each topic to whoever is interested.

If you think it would be make a great episode for your podcast, just let me know in the comments.

Startup validationI have already recorded a podcast on this topic.LIVE - Entrepreneurs for a change
How to launch a business in 7 daysWe can discuss why to launch in 7 days and the high level steps.
I have recorded an episode on Foolish Adventure with Tim Conley on this topic. I think I can do another one with some new ideas.
I have recorded an episode on Foolish Adventure with Tim Conley on this topic. I think I can do another one with some new ideas.
A framework for evaluating business ideasI'll run through my main points on evaluating business ideas.The Likeability Co Podcast (recorded)
3 examples of real MVP'sMy angle here is that MVP's are misunderstood. I will present 3 or 4 stories of examples that are real MVP's according to the definition and have resulted in successful companies. Covered this on Startups for the Rest of Us
A framework for choosing the best business nameI'll run through my points on evaluating business names.
How to build a website in 1 day for $62I run through how to set up WordPress from start to finish. I could throw in some best practice WordPress tips here as well.
20 proven ways to market your businessAs mentioned above, this chapter is a beast. We could do a few interviews or just discuss some of the stories as opposed to all of them.
Goal setting for bootstrapped startupsI'll run through a table we use to set our goals and monitor progress. We could give away the template as well. Talked about this on the Small Biz Express podcast.
Build a business with growth in it’s DNAWe can chat about business models and how I go about choosing which ones to go for. We could give away the checklist I use for this. LIVE - The Business Growth Podcast
15 Startup rules to live byThis could be a long one as well, we could chat about general rules to live by and perhaps compare notes if the interviewer shares the same views or has differing ones. LIVE - Startups For The Rest of Us


If you think an article on any of these topics would be suitable for your blog, please comment below.

Article titleDescriptionHome
You don't learn until you launchThis is my background story and will be published on the WP Curve blog.Published on Medium
Why validation is not the answerThis is a re-write of a blog post I've written before so I'll keep that on the Curve blog as well. WP Curve Blog
Why launch in 7 daysThis covers productivity, lean startup principles etc.
How to choose and evaluate business ideasI present a table and criteria for evaluating your best business ideas. LIVE The 9 elements of great bootstrapped business ideas
WTF is an MVP?I run through specific stories of companies who've launched a real MVP quickly.
How to choose and evaluate a business nameI present a table of how to evaluate a business name.
How to build a website in 1 day for $62I run through how to set up WordPress from start to finish.
20 proven ways to market your businessThis chapter is a monster. Each marketing idea is supported with a story of someone who's used it well. I'm thinking this will be better broken up into at least 2 posts, or maybe 4. BOOKED - One for Preneurcast and one for Thrilling Heroics
Goal setting for bootstrapped startupsThis will run through a table we use to set our goals and monitor progress.
x things to do when you launch a startupThis chapter is pretty light on. I might have to build this out more or even exclude it from the guest posts. The book is focused more on what happens before and after launch, not on launching itself.
Build a business with growth in its DNAThis gives a bunch of different business models and explains how to choose one with growth in its DNA.
15 Startup rules to live byThis one is a long post with all of my biggest learnings in business in the last 8 years

Other content

I’ll use this area to list other content I’ve scheduled around the book.

EntrepreneurshipChatted with Kyle Grey from the Foundry at the University of Utah. Watch video interview here
WordPress and WP CurveChatted with Adam about WP Curve and building WordPress sites quicklyKitchen Sink WP Episode not live yet.
General interview about the 7 Day Startup with Product PeopleProduct people #59
Idea, Execution, HustleMedium postCheck it out here

Please comment!

I’m super keen to put this content out into the world, so please comment below and let me know if you want to help. I’ll continue to update this post with the sites we choose as a home for the various pieces of content.


Dan Norris is a co-founder at WP Curve and a passionate entrepreneur with an obsession for content marketing.

20 responses to “Everything I’ve learned about business, compressed into 7 days”

  1. Phil says:

    Dan, The Likeability Co would love to do a podcast with you. Which topic would fit best with our mission which is ‘to help first then do business’ or to be likeable in general?

  2. Dan Norris says:

    Hey Phil thanks mate. Perhaps just a general interview about how WP Curve came to be would be suitable. I wrote about half a million words of content leading up to launching WP Curve. We’ve also done our best to help out others with calls and helping out influences etc which have all helped us a lot when we finally put together an offer that people found valuable. Email me if that suits, I’m happy to chat any time.

  3. Smart boys… à la carte… I like that!

  4. Cody McKibben says:

    yo Dan buddy, would love to host some work of yours on Thrilling Heroics — perhaps the WTF is an MVP? or something from your 20 proven ways to market your business sections, I’m sure would really resonate with TH readers! http://www.thrillingheroics.com/

  5. Dan Norris says:

    Hey Cody awesome I sent you an email mate.

  6. Dustin Le says:

    I was put onto your story by a post on Facebook. I love the way you write and am intrigued after reading that first chapter. In the chapter, you say that you sent out an email to launch, but you don’t specify what you did. What do you mean by that sentence?

    i’m looking forward to the book!

  7. Dan Norris says:

    Hey Dustin thanks mate. What exactly do you mean mate? I just sent an email to my list, announcing the service and asking people to sign up. I’ve built a list over the past year doing a lot of content so i wasn’t starting completely from scratch.

  8. Dustin Le says:

    Got it! You built up a list over the year of doing the other business, and you used that list to start this new business? Correct me if I’m wrong!

  9. Hi Norris i read your first chapter it was quite impressive one. I am eagerly looking forward for “20 proven ways to market your business” , please let me know when you have this chapter ready for public. Thank you. All the best.

  10. Dan Norris says:

    Thanks man glad you liked it 🙂

  11. benursal says:

    Read your first chapter on Medium. Man, you’re one tough dude! You never gave up despite the failures you’ve experienced. Your success is well deserved. Can’t wait to read the entire book. Hope you launch it soon.

  12. RC says:

    Great read Dan. Hard to believe you were struggling at your last venture. On the surface it seemed like homes runs were a plenty. Such a shame about inform.ly. It had legs and would have been picked up if you were in the valley. The shit they give money to over there is unreal so a top idea like inform.ly would have had a better chance IMHO

  13. Dan Norris says:

    Thanks mate I’m glad that didn’t happen, I’m much more excited about this business.

  14. Darren Beale says:

    I’m sure my listeners would love to hear some of your marketing tips on my podcast http://backendy.com It’s currently having a rest but I plan to start recording again late August.

  15. Dan Norris says:

    Hey Darren cool man just email me dan@wpcurve.com I’m usually pretty free.

  16. Anf says:

    Dan would love to interview you for http://www.confidentpreneur.com at some stage. Just signed up as an ambassador.

  17. Dan Norris says:

    Sweet grab a time on meetme.So/dannorris

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