50 Traffic Tips for Content Marketers [INTERACTIVE]

Set your systems up to automate the syndication of your content. This was one of a few tips from Brian Massey the conversion scientist. He covers automation in his Blog Volcano strategy here.

Forums particularly private memberships have been a massive support to me with my content. I am part of the Dynamite Circle and Fast Web Formula.

Getting a basic SEO setup for your blog is a must. Check out the Informly guide to content driven SEO as a good starting point.

Neil Patel has just released an amazing new guide to advanced SEO, check it out here.

Work out who has your audience (ideally a similar size) and partner on some content. This ebook on content marketing metrics produced by Convince and Convert and the Content Marketing Institute is a great example.

Blog listing sites can be a useful traffic source. The Informly blog was recently added to the Alltop small business section, I’ll monitor this to see how it goes as a traffic source.

Guest posting is my most effective source of traffic and conversions but only since I started doing it effectively. Here is a guest post about guest posting I wrote for ProBlogger recently.

Joe Pulizzi from the Content Marketing Institute says “Take current PowerPoint presentations and promote them on SlideShare. It’s an excellent location to syndicate content you already have – no additional investment with content you already own.”

Doing a list post is a very well accepted way of generating traffic. I haven’t done one before so I figured I would try. This top 50 content traffic strategies post is my take on a list post.

Sometimes it helps to just email people cold. For this traffic strategies post I emailed all of the people below about contributing to the post (and more). Getting influencers on board will sure help your reach. I also did a similar thing for my podcasting guide which is now my most trafficked post.

Webinars can be a great way to build your authority and get your name out there. Jake Hower from the Multimedia Marketing Show just recorded a great podcast with Lewis Howes on this topic here.

Services like Help a Reporter Out (HARO) and Source Bottle allow content creators to find experts for articles. Sign up for the email and contact anyone writing an article in your area of expertise.

This should be second nature to content creators but it’s always worth thinking about what else you can give away for free. At Informly I give away big content like our guides, email courses, calculators and software as an example.

Having guests on your blog could come in many forms (not just guest posts). Brian Massey likes the strategy of ‘asking experts to spew’. He points to The Daily Egg blog which asks experts to comment on something (Websites in this case) and publishes their opinions / analysis.

Udemy looks like a very promising platform for creating educational content. check it out here.

If any aspect of your content is newsworthy in any way you can get a boost in traffic by releasing a press release. I use PR Web.

Last year the Verge released an article on ‘scammy’ internet marketers which annoyed a few people. It’s got over 1,000 comments, 4.5k Facebook likes, almost 2k tweets, backlinks from the major internet marketing blogs and had the whole industry talking (for a while). Well done Verge.

Auto following on Twitter can be a surprisingly effective (albeit a little bit dodgy) way at getting traffic. Check out the Informly guide on auto following on Twitter with Tweet Adder.

Use Google Reader to subscribe to the top blogs in your industry and post a link to social media on the best article you find each day. I use Hootsuite to auto post to Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

Heidi Cohen says “When it comes to driving traffic, the most efficient thing you can do is to craft compelling headlines since they do the heavy lifting of driving traffic. Readers decide whether or not to read or share your content on the basis of your title.” Here is a great article she has written on the topic.

Chris Ducker says It’s no longer a matter of ‘Should I, or Shouldn’t I Start a Podcast?’ Producing a podcast has boosted traffic to my blog like I never would have imagined. It’s a complete game-changer as far as I’m concerned. Check out Chris’ The New Business Podcast here.

There are people out there who have audiences big enough to send thousands of visitors to your site with one mention. Find them and do all of the things I talk about in this podcast episode.

Everyone tries the approach of going onto forums and answering people questions but it’s crowded and a lot of work. Why not save some of your best original content and post it on a forum instead of on your own blog. Don’t forget the compelling call to action in your forum signature.

James Schramko has built up a large following with a news based video approach known as Own The Racecourse. He has recently released the whole training series for free here.

Blog commenting can produce a range of benefits. I don’t see it has a huge traffic strategy but it can be a great way to interact with influencers so build a list of your favourite blogs and make a habit of posting thoughtful replies to posts.

I regularly get twice the traffic to my infographics than I do to typical blog posts. Visual content is taking off so why not have a go. Here is a post from SEO Moz on 10 tools for creating infographics.

Quora is a hugely popular site now and it also has a lot of high quality content and contributors. When you have a particularly useful post why not reply to some Quora comments with useful responses and drop a link to your blog post with more info.

Triberr is a site that allows bloggers to form tribes and support each other’s content efforts. Check it out here.

Recently my friend Brian posted his first article to Hacker News and got 17,000 visits in 2 days. I wrote about it here.

When you mention others in your content send out a tweet saying ‘Mentioned in this podcast / post @tropicalmba, @neilpatel’ etc. Some people will take notice and retweet it (particularly if it’s great content).

Why so serious? Matt from Vooza seems to be doing just fine, check out some of these not so serious startup videos.

Brian Massey again with this tip “Since tablets are all the rage, I say ‘Draw Something’ Scott Brinker uses an iPad app for this (see here)”. I also produce Illustrations at Informly check them out here.

Email courses are a great way to get an opt in and also build a relationship over time (unlike a one off ebook). CopyBlogger uses them so it must be good. I use MailChimp for our email courses on content marketing and actionable analytics.

Use Hootsuite or Buffer to auto schedule your social updates on the various networks throughout the day. I use Hootsuite as it’s pretty much a full replacement for Twitter.

Linked In and Facebook are both filled with endless groups of people within your niche. Join then and start posting valuable content (within the rules of course).

Outbrain is the Google Adwords / Adsense for content marketers. It enables you to show up as a related post on other big name blogs like Mashable. Check it out here.

Twilert is a really easy way to see exactly who is tweeting your content. It will email you every day showing who has tweeted anything on your domain. You can sign up for free at Twilert.com

If you are just getting started one thing you could consider is joining a group of bloggers who comment on and share each other’s posts. This gives you traffic and adds some credibility to your content (an empty comments section and low social sharing numbers isn’t a good look).

Most of the well known content marketers are either writing a book or already have at least 1. It’s still the ultimate authority builder.

AJ Kohn from Blind 5 Year Old reminded me of the importance of readability. Here is a great article he wrote on making your posts more readable

David Meerman Scott says “Inject your ideas into a breaking news story via a real-time blog post, photo, or video and generate tons of media coverage”. He would know, he wrote the book on Newsjacking…like literally….here’s the book newsjacking.com (with a free chapter).

The web hasn’t killed basic human nature. People will always be more likely to get on board with what you are doing if you have met them in person and have a real relationship. Get to some events and get yourself known. Meetup.com is a good place to find local events.

It’s easy to forget that your audience in one place might be different to another. Don’t forget to mention your blog posts on your podcast, your podcast on your videos etc.

Make sure your site isn’t just filled with ordinary articles. Filler articles are great but you have to include some pillar content as well. I spoke with the godfather Joe Pulizzi about this here.

When you link to someone else’s blog post (not their homepage) there is a good chance they will get a ‘trackback’ notification. This is an easy and subtle way to let people know that you are talking about them (they might share the post or at least visit your blog out of curiosity).

When I launched Informly and when I’ve published my infographics I’ve always received a decent amount of traffic from posting on Reddit. I admit the conversions and onsite metrics are horrible but it’s a good way to get something noticed.

I was recently voted Australia’s top small business blogger all because I spent 5 minutes nominating myself for the award. I got a decent boost in traffic immediately and no doubt there will be long term benefits.

Adam Franklin from Bluewire Media says “Offer your premium content like e-books, tools and templates on landing pages where people fill out a form to download the content.”. Adam practices what he preaches too, check out the Web Strategy Template.

Don’t forget to build your mailing list which could easily become your biggest traffic referrer and your highest converting traffic source. Here are 20 tips from Priit Kallas on how to build your list.

Dan Andrews recently re-purposed his story (which he had shared many times before) on a forum of likeminded people. His forum post (see here) now has 177 replies, 244 thanks and over 17,500 views.


Don’t just blindly create lots of content. Measure engagement, reach and leads generated from your content to ensure your time and money is well spent.



Thanks to the following awesome people who helped contribute to this infographic.

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Dan Norris is a co-founder at WP Curve and a passionate entrepreneur with an obsession for content marketing.

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    I’m new to being logged into your product here but have been hearing your name for quite some time on LBP. I’ve even seen your name come up on random seo blogs comments.

  4. Dan Norris says:

    Hey Jeremy awesome man good to hear. Yeah I think different forms of content will start to emerge this. You need to do more than write an article to get noticed.

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    Hey Dan – I love this post. Helpful and quirky at the same time! A great use of 2 weeks of everyone’s time! Thanks so much for throwing it together!

  15. Bravo Dan! on two fronts. First of all the information is great. It is precise and easy to follow. Secondly your use of the interactive infographics. This something that I have been playing with for the last couple of months and will be pushing some of my ideas out onto an unsuspecting population on my site (webdrivenincome.com) in a couple of weeks(right after the site overhaul) whew!. Your moving towards using inforgraphics to explain complicated subject matter was good too. It just seems to me people have not been using infographics to their full potential yet. I think we will see interactive infographics more and more. Thanks again Dan

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    thanks Dan, extremely useful data for any website and will be embedded and blogged about just when the overhaul is complete over at my site (http://showcaseimagery.com)

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  18. Dan Norris says:

    Thank you. I had quite a few ideas myself but contacting some of the contributors was a good idea, I got some awesome ideas that I didn’t expect and some others that I probably should have included myself!

  19. Dan Norris says:

    Don’t worry, lots of wine consumed while preparing this post.

    No it was custom, a lot of people have asked me this actually. It would be cool to make the code available but unfortunately I didn’t really do it in a re-usable way. All of the buttons are done as images (up and over) there are 150-160 images used. My developer did the JavaScript to do the mouseovers and show the extra data etc. I’d love to share it but I don’t think it would be much use to people the way it is at the moment.

  20. No problem. I think an Elance job should do the trick but thanks anyway.

    (Btw, my first sentence made much more sense in the context of the first comment you received, but I made a new comment rather than replying to the original one. Now I just look like a crazy person)

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    Nice work Dan!

    I’m drawn to blog posts that feature numbers, guess that’s just like a lot of other people.

    However, normally when I see something that boasts of 50 ways to do this or that I normally switch off. Past experience tells me that they (mostly) don’t feature a great deal of “meat.”

    You have managed to deliver though, plenty of useful info combined into one smooth looking feature. 🙂

    I won’t say that I’ll do everything in your list, but there are definatley a few elements that can help. I’ve already been over to Heidi’s blog to see what she has to say about titles (great post for those who haven’t yet!).

    The Infographic element intrigues me the most, so that’s my next port of call.

    Thanks so much for sharing this really helpful post!


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    I looked through some of these, I appreciate the effort that has gone into them and I then thought, Nah, I’d rather have a coffee and then walk my dog. I think of it as a Life-work balance rather than a work-life balance. 🙂

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    Imaginative, informative, and useful. A credit to the contributors 🙂

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    What a terrific compilation Dan. I always recomend a varied approach to traffic generation for my clients and this list provides a terrific prompter to remember the plethora of different options out there.

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