5 simple triggers to write better content, faster

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Writers who frequently produce long-form, high quality content fascinate me. Three noteworthy writers I wanted to learn from are Neil Patel, Tim Ferriss and my co-founder Dan Norris.

I’m green with envy and wanted to find a way to create better content, faster.

7 self publishing gems from Nathan Barry


Here’s a summary of what I’ve learned from Nathan Barry. This was compiled after studying his book Authority and listening to my bootleg recording of his presentation and Q & A at the event.

Startup Chat #56 – Content Marketing with Aaron Agius from Louder Online

This week we jump on the call with the author of Neil Patel’s latest epic marketing guide. Aaron Agius discusses content marketing strategy and provides some actionable tips for people getting started.

Podcast #52 – Business breakdown with Jordan Muela from LeadSimple

Jordan Muela from LeadSimple.com drops in to get some advice on sales, productivity, affiliate programs and content marketing.