The 7 Day Startup book has launched and it’s free till Friday


My book The 7 Day Startup is now available and free on Amazon Kindle until Friday 3 October.

Here are all the links for the launch including the landing page, Amazon link, quotes page and hundreds of free resources.

How to build a scalable WordPress business in 1 week (WordCamp Syd slides)


Here are my slides from my recent presentation at WordCamp Sydney. In the presentation I run through how to build a scalable WordPress business in 7 days.

I focus on the 9 elements of a high growth business and the various types of businesses in the WordPress ecosystem.

Preparing your WordPress site for content marketing success


I’ve written a lot on this blog about Content Marketing. However I haven’t put together a specific post about how to get an existing WordPress site ready for a content marketing strategy.

In this article I’ll go through that in detail looking at design, speed, navigation, conversion and must have plugins.

August WP Curve report, 21% revenue growth


August was another huge month for WP Curve for content, our team and our growth.

In this report I run through some of our highlights including a 21% increase in revenue and some big content marketing wins.

Why I love to work from home for WP Curve


As an entrepreneur, letting go of responsibility is one of the hardest changes you can make in your business.

If you struggle to delegate and/or prioritize the effort that moves the needle in your business – you need to read this article.