6% growth and a new process for quality – February 2015 monthly report


February was a great month with %6 growth, new content, new team members and new plans to make our service better.

We put some systems in place to tackle the challenges of maintaining high-quality customer service and our response times down.

Calling all startups: content marketing research


Last week we issued a challenge in our Facebook group Content Machine on data driven marketing.

The research we are doing for the challenge is an examination of the content marketing practices of startups.

A To Z of using Asana for project management


Asana is a robust project management tool, but it’s flexible and easy to use for almost any size of project or team.

If you’re the type who makes a to-do list, or a company handling a multitude of projects, Asana is a perfect digital equivalent that helps keep you on track.

13 startup founders share what keeps them awake at night

awake at night

The energy, creativity and passion that drives most startup founders can also lead to sleepless nights and distraction.

We asked 13 startup founders how they manage controlling these thoughts in a productive way.

Our content promotion strategy and process


Creating a repeatable process for your content promotion can enable you to scale and optimize your content promotion to keep traffic flowing to your blog.

In this post we’ll share our process and strategy, along with a few tips and ideas for you you can design your own.