$66,154 revenue and content updates – April 2015 monthly report


We’ve been in a tight spot this month, growth has stalled on a few fronts as a result of some changes to our pricing structure.

There’s still a few bits of good news and we have some plans to get back on track, such as improvements to our content.

Minimalist design: an offer you can’t refuse


In this article, we’ll show you the hallmarks of good minimalist design, and show you that you have little choice in the matter.

Minimalism is not a “1 size fits all” design, but a custom tailored experience that will feel like a breath of fresh air when your visitor lands on your page.

A simple system for effective team communication

nico feature

What makes team communication great and channels it to actually produce results that matter for the business?

In this post you will find a practical framework that guides your team to upgrade collaboration and team productivity. This set of rules and principles is mandatory for teams.

How Russ Perry grew a multiple 6 figure business in 106 days

Design Pickle

Design Pickle is the WPCurve for graphic design. Launched January 21st, 2014, they are now at over $20k in monthly revenue and 100+ clients.

In this post Russ Perry, Founder of Design Pickle, shares his journey of going from fear to focus to help you navigate the murky and often uncertain waters of entrepreneurship.

Where to work? home office, coffee shop, or coworking space?


3 of the most common options for small businesses, solopreneurs and startups are the home office, the “coffice” (coffee shop office) and coworking spaces.

In this post, we’ll compare see the possibilities offered by each of these working environments.