The beginner’s guide to customer onboarding

First impressions last, so your customer onboarding needs to be an engaging, silky smooth experience. On the other hand, if they sign up, log in… and never come back, you’ll lose them forever. The fact is many companies are losing their hard-won customers soon after they sign up.

Don’t let your business be one of them. To help we put this beginner’s guide to customer onboarding.

Social media image sizes and cheat sheet

Images on social media are particularly effective in increasing engagement with your audience. But it can be hard to stay active across every social media platform and harder still to stay on top of the platform changes, social media trends and remember what sizes are required.

So to save time and energy we created this updated guide to social media image sizes. Just bookmark the article so you can come back to check on the sizes you need.

Customer segmentation strategy – How to pitch based on content interest areas (WP Curve’s new lead nurture sequence)

Not all of your website visitors are created equal. As our content library and traffic numbers at WP Curve grew, we recognized that our content strategy needed to improve if we wanted to offer a better reader experience.

We also wanted to gain a better insight into the behavior of our readers. Specifically, we were looking to find out which type of content readers who ultimately become customers are most interested in.

The zero BS guide to choosing a social media platform for business

While social media has grown into an incredible opportunity for business owners, it has also grown more complicated. There are now more options than ever so how do you know where to direct your time and resources for optimum ROI?

We’ve cut through the BS to create the ultimate modern guide to choosing the right social media channel, no matter what kind of brand or business you lead.

The ultimate guide to marketing on the second most-used social network in 2016 – Snapchat

Snapchat is the second most used social media network in America and provides a unique means of connecting with an audience that is responsive to clever creative marketing. For business, it’s an opportunity to provide content that people pay attention to because of its limited lifespan on a platform that combines the appointment-viewing value of sports along with the engagement of social media.

So how do you use such a platform to grow your business? We compiled this guide to show you everything you need to know.