5m Friday 1 – Getting in front of someone’s audience

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8 tips for getting in front of someone’s audience

  1. Use Twitter and Google+
  2. iTunes reviews
  3. Testimonials when asked
  4. Comment on blog posts and Facebook
  5. Get in their community
  6. Unsolicited reviews – TG
  7. Website namedrops – Alerts, Twilert, Trackbacks
  8. Start a podcast




Dan Norris is a co-founder at WP Curve and a passionate entrepreneur with an obsession for content marketing.

  • Anne Carlin

    Dan this is a great video. You looked very laid back and relaxed and spoke confidently and in a very down to earth manner. think I’m going to have to start a business so I can get some benefit from your tips and knowledge. Congratualtions

    • http://inform.ly/ Dan Norris

      Ha thanks Anne. I’ve got a lot of work to do with these videos I’ve got a list of about 10 things to do differently next time!

  • Daniel Duckworth

    Hey Dan, that’s a really interesting point about getting people to follow you back on Google+. I guess since it’s still new people are more likely to follow you back, suggesting it’s a technique that should be used sooner rather than later.

    I think in addition to following people it can be helpful to use the “View Ripples” feature of Google+. It allows you to see who has reshared posts which can help you target additional authorities.

    There is a detailed post at SEOmoz about how to use ripples http://www.seomoz.org/blog/using-google-plus-ripples-to-connect-with-influencers

    • http://inform.ly/ Dan Norris

      Hey Daniel yeah I think that’s probably right re Google+. That’s an interesting point re the ripples, I haven’t looked at Google+ too much but I must admit the way they have me following people, commenting etc all via Gmail I’m getting more and more involved.

  • Dave

    Hey Dan,

    Great tips and great video. Hope you do these regularly.


    • http://inform.ly/ Dan Norris

      Thanks Dave, I definitely will be, super pumped about next week’s video.